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Some of you might not know this about me but even though I’m a professional (that word is to be taken rather loosely) home-maker, I’m actually a hairdresser by trade.

I knew I was going to do hair all the way back in high school when Courtenay, Sean and I all had the same haircut and color. I only knew one kind of cut and I couldn’t figure out for the life of me why the heck the Blondissima made all our hair bright orange. We were soooo cool. I used to ask my mom if I could just quit high school and go straight into hairdressing but she always said no…good thinking Mom.

Anyway, after a few years of good old Bible College I went off to Vancouver Community College and got my hairdressing certificate. I hated school soooo much. I felt like I could have finished it in 2 months as opposed to 10 and all of the “like look at my Louis Vitton bag” girls really annoyed me. I had two friends Marina (she also has a blog but I wont link to her cuz it’s anonymous) and Meagan and I mostly hung out with Meagan or the older women who could converse about things a little deeper than partying or “like my new shoes and my boyfriend and my ring and OH I’M SO FAT!”. Anyway, I hated hair school.

During my practicum I fell upon this salon that happened to have a very experienced stylist working there. I immediately fell in love with her and all of the new techniques she taught me. I’d go back to school and baffle my teachers with the skills I had learned. They all knew my boss because she’s a judge at the big hair shows and quite the shit disturber amongst the hair association. (pardon my french).

Anyway, as much as I had learned from her I started to grow verrrry tired of that salon. I was stuck there though, I was eventually pregnant and I needed to keep working there to get my mat. leave. My boss started to show more of her true colors, she was preeeeeettty odd. I liked it that she let us all have booze in the back room though, that was fun.

I think working there made me tired of doing hair. It kind of jaded me from something I really loved and I believe I’m actually very good at. I met one of my dearest friends there (I love you ASH!!) though and that pretty much made it all worth it. I did enjoy the hairdressing part though. I had a hard time doing hair for people that were like my hair school classmates (“like I want it like Britteny’s and like can I have like streaks in like this area and like omg!”) but I really enjoyed doing funky middle-aged women and most other people. I got to cut off a few mullets in my career too which was fun but I also got to give a few mullets as well. I do a REALLY good mullet if you’re interested. I’d giggle with delight inside thinking how funny it was that I’m cutting a mullet for someone who truly thinks they look great!

I think I’m finally peeling off all of the badness from that job experience and I’m wanting to do hair again. I don’t think I’ll ever work in a salon again because I hate the toxic fumes (that I lovingly breathed in until 8 months pregnant…sorry Silas) a lot. Plus I’ve never had a good boss in my life. I’m scared of working for someone else. I am starting to cut more hair on my own though because I’m really wanting to make some extra cash.

Monday night I did Leanne’s hair. It was really fun because we dyed it darker brown and I got to do a very fun cut on her. This helped me gain more love and confidence for hairdressing again. I really love the almost instant gratification you get from it. A person goes from looking a bit shabby to looking fresh and confident again. I love seeing the new spring in Leanne’s step as she sports her new hair. She’s definitely braver than she used to be. Anyway…here’s a before and after for you. I can’t wait to take her really blond one day!


always adorable but I hadn’t gotten my hands in her hair for a while…soooo…


ooooo la la. Hot momma!


So if you wanna hair-cut lemme know and I can fit you in.  I only do color on family though.



  1. Oh crap – now I want my hair exactly like that (sans colour ’cause I’m a natural girl). I like the bangs and the angle and everything. Would Leanne allow me? Would you allow me?

  2. One of our family friends makes some pretty good money going around to folks who know her and doing their hair at their homes. She like you is a stay at home mom and when the kids were really small they would come along. Her “business” actually grew by word of mouth and she sometimes spends much of the day at a friends cutting and styling the whole family. Judging by the pics above it looks like you should do the same. Don’t give away your talent!

    Peace and God’s blessings,

  3. too bad you only do color on family. Can I pretend I am family? I won’t freak out if you mess up, I’ve had bright orange poka dots on top of my head, can’t get worse than that..

  4. I had to laugh when I read ‘dyed’ because my sister is a hair dresser as well and she would FREAK at us if we asked her to ‘dye’ our hair. She would respond by saying she is “coloring it and not killing it”!!
    I love love love the cut and think it looks beautiful! I have been to 3 differnt stylists in the last 4 months for that exact cut, and each time it looks worse and worse and not at all like what you did!
    Check out my blog and see my job on my dd Leahs hair!!

  5. Hi
    I love Leanne’s hair cut and color. I had an
    appointment for a perm day before yesterday, and called my salon to change to a cut and color. Maybe I will be sorry, but so far so good.
    Frankly, I am sick and tired of seeing all the blond, long haired news broadcasters. Copy cats.
    Really, some do not look good with the popular styles. That is just my opinion.
    Much love, Gram

  6. my blog is anonymous??? really?? i thought i changed that…. hmmm.

    anywho, Leannes hair looks awesome!!! but it doesn’t surprise me. you were so determined, all throughout school. it doesn’t shock me one bit that you are a supastar when it comes to cuts and styles. you’ve got some great talent there, la la leah. great pics, from your latest entry too! i love the one of silas, on the swing taken from a birds eye view. aren’t digital cameras lovely?

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