Park Fun

Leanne came over yesterday and we walked our delicious children to the park to have some play time. It was an excellent opportunity to snap some photos of the cutest littles ones EVER. So here it goes. I also have them set up on my woomp so you can check all of them out. Here’s my favorites.


someone need a kleenex?


sharing a snack



just wanted to show off Leanne’s hair some more ha ha




merry go round



I love to swiiiiiiiiiiing!


As you can see, everyone had loads of fun. It’s such a great park and it’s so nice and close to my house. There’s a water park there too for getting soaked in the summer. Wooot. The ground is covered with rubber mats that are so nice a squishy, much better than rocks in your shoes or slivers from bark.

I had a lot of fun taking these photos. I have my first “real” photo session tomorrow with a blog reader. I’m really stoked about it. I’m doing a lot more things that I enjoy lately. It sure is making me feel better.

Anyway, we’re having the same delicious people over for supper tonight. I’m making some slow-cooker pork ribs and I’m wanting to eat them NOW!

Have a good weekend folks!


  1. Love the pictures!!! and sooo wishing we had sunshine and green grass here instead of snow, snow, and more snow. 😀 If I wasn’t living in Indiana I would happily come to you for a haircut – I need one sooo much 😀

  2. Once again Leah you’ve captured those boys wonderfully and it makes my day. Good good on Leanne’s hair she sure is blessed to have you. That playground is where I want to go with you next time we come out your way. Love Mom R.

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