Busy Weekend!

I get the weirdest sicknesses happening to me. The dizziness has turned into full body aches and just a general sense of un-wellness. Now my boys are sick. Silas was burning up all night despite giving him both Tylenol and Motrin. Ikey was up a lot and Brent and I are very tired this morning. Ikey’s nose is running like crazy but there’s no green boogies. Silas just looks flushed and sick but he’s in high spirits. Thank goodness.

This weekend went by very fast. It was rather busy for me and my money making adventures. I did a photo shoot with the Klassens and even though it was cut a little short because of coldness and baby starting to grump a little about being cold, I got some pretty good shots of them. I’m very excited to hear what she has to say about them. Of course after we were done the shoot the sun came out and everything was beautiful and wonderful outside. Grrrreeeaaat. Here’s one shot of them and you can click here to get some of my favorite shots. Not all of my favorites are in there but I thought I’d put up a few good ones to get them excited about it :).


Isn’t she darling? I really think I might have found my “thing”. I’m considering starting my own business right away so I can write off the courses I’m going to be taking and all the equipment I’d like to buy. Right now I have very basic things and I really want to expand. Anyone wanna give me a bunch of money?? I like the fact that I could still incorporate my skills with hair into it all as well.

I really love this, I had so much fun shooting this family. I love sitting at the computer for hours just lost in fiddling with the colors and everything. I really would love to get Photoshop and Lightroom so I can do an even better job.

I also spent a lot of time fiddling with a dumb program trying to get mine and Leanne’s wedding musician sign just so. I’m used to MS word and this was some weird free version because I have a mac. I was growling at my computer a lot. I think I got it now though. Not having a good word processor that comes standard is Mac’s 1 downfall.

Sorry about all the computer talk…ha ha, only 1/4 of you must have found that interesting.

Anyway, I also did some hair this weekend as well. They seemed to go away happy. I feel like a weight has been taken off my shoulders now that I’m bringing in some money. This week I made about as much as I did working at a salon full time. Woot.

Another thing that happened this weekend is Brent pretty much SAVED Silas’ life!  He had Silas outside and was talking to another parent about peanut allergies and he heard some little girl say “hey want some candy”  Brent looked over and saw a Glosette peanut  package in her hand.  Silas was reaching for the candy!  Brent shouted NO!!  And explained to the girl that he’d deathly allergic to them.  Talk about a close call, too close.

Now I’m going to twittle my thumbs until I hear a glorious knock on the door and open it to Courtenay, Morgan and Emily. Silas has been standing by the door waiting for them this morning.


  1. Your pictures are beautiful! I love Photoshop CS3, I am still just learning, but the things you are able to do are crazy!

  2. The pictures are GREAT! Thanks so much for braving the cold with us. I really love the one you included in this post and the family picture on the bridge. I can’t wait to see the rest. Thanks again.

  3. Lovely pictures, darling. Sorry to hear about the illness, I’m fighting it now too, and Lucas is starting down that road – he slept until 10:30 this morning, then gladly went down for his nap this afternoon.
    I hope it’s over quickly – for all of us!

  4. Leah, Those pictures are amazing. You have the eye. One of our friends from Edmonton started doing photography on the side of being a mommy of four little kids. Here is here site for you to get some ideas: (not that you need ideas, but thought you would be interested.) http://www.andrealederphotography.com/
    Again, the photos were beautiful.

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