Reasons for the Madness

I think I’ve discovered the cause of my icky feelings lately.  I was in Shoppers Drug Mart last night (one of my most favorite stores) to pick up some rubby stuff for Silas’ chest.  He was having loads of trouble breathing through his nose last night.  I found some nice all natural stuff and then I passed by the blood pressure machine.  Those things are like a carnival ride to me.  So on it I went, pressed the button and waited to see my perfect score of around 110/80.  My jaw dropped when I saw that it was not those glorious numbers it was 91/48.  It said nothing on the machine about that being a bad thing as they’re put there to help people with high blood pressure but I knew that was pretty low.

I looked online when I got home and sure enough, a lot of my symptoms I’m feeling are from hypotension.  Not something terrible, I just hope I don’t start fainting.  Treatment is more salt (yay) more water (gulp) and less booze (BOOOOOO).  My cousin from my dad’s side told me that low blood pressure runs in the family (along with high) and it’s going to be a good thing when I’m old.

I think I’ll go see my doc this week just to make sure those readings were right.  I know those things aren’t completely trustworthy but they usually score me around the same place.  Those numbers seem drastically low to me.  There is a bunch of info online about low blood pressure but I couldn’t really find a place that actually gave me numbers that constitutes it.

And on the topic of being sick.  The three of us here at home are a miserable bunch.  Silas was up constantly last night.  He’d be in a half stupor and asking for things in some foreign language.  We’d give him water which usually woke him up enough to stop his fussing.  Ikey slept like a rock, yay for Tylenol cold!  Silas had a fever again at 4am.  Poor kiddos.  I myself woke up with a sore throat and my body is aching like madness, like it has been for the past while anyway.  I hate dealing with sick kids when I’m feeling gross.  I need MY mommy!


  1. That’s what I love about living in the same city as my mom – she can come to my rescue when I’m sick! 🙂

    I have a close friend who has low blood pressure, and she looooves the salt! I suppose that it’s the better problem to have, of the two.

  2. I have low blood pressure as well. It’s weird because most everyone in my family as high blood pressure, plus I’m out of shape. Kind of makes me wonder if I got in shape if it would go lower. I would hope no seeing as how last time I went to the ER and they put the automatic every fifteen mintue blood pressure cuff on and it kept sounding the alarm. I had to tell the nurse that my 90/50 pressre was normal for me. Ps. low blood pressure is a very very bad thing when you are in labor an want an epidural since the epidural drops it even lower!

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