As I write this, Silas is playing the cutest game. He has his “Tebby” bear and is going through his own night time routine. He gives it a little cuddle, a kiss and a hug and says “WHUUUHHH” like he’s being squished. Then he places Tebby gently in my bed and closes the door verrrry gently. Soon after he exclaims “Tebby Bear’s awake!” and I have to go open the door and he rushes in and says “Good morning Tebby Bear” and then the routine starts all over. Sometimes I’m required to give it a goodnight kiss as well which kinda grosses me out because he’s been so sick and sleeping with this thing.

I can’t actually write down the total cuteness of this event because I can’t describe how funny his talking is, especially with his stuffy nose. I love seeing him pretend.

Lately he seems like he gets lost in his pretend world very often. Where the items on top of my washer/dryer are always jiggling during the spin cycle and he’s always allowed to “put in da soap”. He can always come in a room and pretend he hasn’t seen me forever and cover me with hugs and kisses and in an instant be leaving again. “Goodbye” he says as he closes the door again only to open it moments after and say “HI MOMMY hows it gowen?”.

Sometimes pretend play involves his doll whom he loves on and nurses gently. He rocks it and pats it’s back. Just like Mommy does.

It’s crazy that pretend play just naturally goes to pretending to be just like Mommy. Needing to be involved in all of the things she does. Already dreaming of being big.


  1. My son used to nurse his stuffed Barney when I fed his sister. (He’d die if he knew I wrote that)

    Children are so amazingly creative. Somewhere along the line they imagine that they have creative license and go with it. It’s great! Being grown up is a huge responsibility and they want to try it out.

  2. I love it I just love it, I can hear Silas doing that and you’re right its hard to describe but you did well and I got it maybe because I have a good imagination. Thanks for “the picture”.

  3. I love his pretending, too. I wonder when he’ll be ready for pretend food? My kids have so much of it.

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