Your Questions Answered Part 2

Seeing that my past few days have consisted of snorking green boogers out of screaming children’s faces, dealing with some crazy poops, having snot handed to be by Silas as he says “thank you” and trying not to wallow in my OWN cold too much I’ve decided that this is a good time to answer more questions unless you REALLY want to know the shade of green that’s coming out of Silas’ nose, I could tell you if you wanted. (run-on sentence much?)

At the end of my last answering period I left it open for people to ask more questions so here’s more answers:

Jaime asked: Where did you go to Bible College?

I went to Columbia Bible College for 2 years. My first year I was in the Quest program and my 2nd year I started a bachelor of worship arts. I got depressed and failed miserably but they gave me a withdraw because of my circumstances. I only was there for choir for the next semester.

Johnnypeepers asked: What is your recommended order of plucking before a social engagement?

I’m pretty sure (creepily named) Johnnypeepers was referring to my name “pluckymama”. Plucking has nothing to do with that name. In effort to appear clever I looked up brave in the Thesaurus and plucky was there so that’s why I used it. Bravemama. As to the plucking, you only actually “pluck” eyebrows and stray hairs and any major plucking shouldn’t be done too soon to any social engagement because of the residual redness that occurs.

Lorianne Klassen asked: Are you planning to go back to work outside the home when Ikey is 1?

I’m determined to be a stay at home mom as long as it’s working out. I do intend to go ahead with my creative things I enjoy and try and make money off of them which you already know :).

Wow, I swore there were more questions….that was lame…

I guess I should write about the color of the booger then, to fill up more blog space. They’re those lime-green pudding boogers that come in masses at the end of a cold. My snorker is see-though so I get to watching them being sucked out and it’s rather enjoyable. I then shoot them into the sink and then we say “bye bye boogers” as we wash them down. There’s always one that tries to hold on to the sink but it eventually slides out with slimy grace.

Ask more questions or I’ll gross you out some more.


  1. Ok, booger blogs gross me out. So here’s a question for you. Do you love Jim from The Office? And if you do, how much do you love him? (This question of course acknowledges that you love Brentley more than anyone)

  2. Was my question a little much – is that why you skipped it? I thought you said “ask anything”.

    I haven’t been commenting ’cause I’ve been away – but I will go back to the blogs I’ve missed and comment now. OK?

  3. Ok, I’ve got one.

    1.what did you mean, when you said that i “saved” you from hairschool? in what way?

    2. How has motherhood changed the decisions you make in life? (apart from everything being for and all about your children) i’m talking more on a personal level. omitting everyone but yourself.

    …ok well maybe that was just too broad of a question. ummm ok i got it…

    if you and brent didn’t have children, aside from the obvious (caring for kids) how do you think your life would be today? would you be living where you’re living now, would you still be doing hair?? that sorta stuff

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