Swimmen in Da Pool

Silas the great was “swimmen in da pool” the other day at the Hotel.  Brent’s parents were here and we always love to take advantage of a quiet pool and the extra hands available and get the boys in the water.  They sure love it.  A few weeks ago Silas was really tentative about swimming and jumping off the edge into my arms.  But this weekend something changed…

I don’t know if it was that Brent was there and Silas might feel more safe with him or not.  Silas suddenly felt very brave and started to jump away from his daddy.  He would plunge into the pool all the way over his head and Brent would pluck him out right away.  The first time I think wasn’t on purpose on Brent’s end but Silas wiped the water out of his eyes and said “again”.  I think he did it over and over at least 50 times.  By the end of the night his eyes were looking rather pink.  Gosh he was having so much fun.  I can’t believe he wanted to go under the water.  He’s definitely a lot like me in that way.

On our way out he said “bye bye swimmen in da pool!”

I just want to swim swim swim.  It runs in the family.  Jennie was swimming before the age of 1 and my other two sisters learned very young as well.  I was next to learn because my mom would take me to her aquafit classes after kindergarten and some lifeguard taught me.  I then taught my older brother Andy.  Us kids can swim forever.  We always venture off across lakes and pretty much get into any source of water that we’re near.  If there’s water, we’re wet….for the most part.  I guess it just runs in the genes.  I’m always astonished when people, like my husband, nearly drown on their way across a lake with me.   He says it’s cuz I have more body fat…nice husband hey?

Has anyone ever felt how I’m feeling right now?? I feel super duper odd and it’s starting to get me worried.  Aside from pregnancy and menopause have you ever had a bunch of dizziness, nausea and hot flashes?  Right now I’m getting almost a hot flash every minute.  I get waves of dizziness here and there and the nausea comes and goes.  It’s been happening for a while now, almost a week and it feels like it’s worsening.  Sounds hormonal hey?   I think I should go to a doc if I’m still feeling this way in a week.  It’s very odd and annoying.  I’ve had two waves of hot flashes since I began writing this paragraph…jeepers.  Is it just cuz I finished blasping and now I’m all hormonal??


  1. Yes, I think we should all make a vow to “get in da water” at least once a week. In my particular situation it would be most helpful. It would be cool if we all chose a Friday night and got in water…even if we’re not together! Okay, i’m Leah’s sister and am looking for another way to bond because I live far away 🙁 As if we don’t bond enough already though, it’s quite sickening. I just don’t want to go to the pool alone…plus it’s icky.

  2. Oh yeah, yes, dizzy hotflashy menopausal woman, I experience the same things. Can be before after or during my period. Thank GOD it gets worse with age, because it is quite fun to stand up quickly and get a head rush and hotflash. The hotflashes keep me warm in winter too and the nausea keeps me from over-eating. I can’t WAIT till my 40’s 🙂

  3. I went through the exact same thing I think in the summer time. Almost like dizzy mini blackouts, but I didn’t actually pass out. Its called Vertigo, which apparently has something to do with our ears (balance, etc) but I’ve talked to lots of other moms who experienced the same thing so probably hormonal. I don’t remember hot flashes, but it was in the middle of a record hot summer, so its possible I did. But I could sweat through a t-shirt completely in an hour…very gross!

  4. OK – this is really weird. I started having vertigo yesterday – really horrible feelings that I was falling over. And I’m nauseous today. But no hot flashes. My arthritis is bad too. I was gonna blame it on the monstrous Starbucks I drank yesterday, but now I think I’ll start blaming it all on you.

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