Little Bratty Sabotagers

When a person becomes a mother they tend to try to hold onto themselves in certain (small) ways.  I think kids pick up on this and then try to sabotage your efforts to maintain full focus on themselves.  Let’s share a few examples shall we?

I usually buy those cheap facial brushes to wash my face with.  They do a great exfoliation and they’re super cheap.  Anyway, I bought a replacement one MONTHS ago and Isaac got his hands on it right away.  It became his favorite chew toy for many months and every time I’d get into the shower I’d think DANGIT!!  But he loved it so much so I let him have it.  Recently I remembered and it has stayed in the shower for at least a week.

Last night I thought I’d treat myself with some tasty cereal.  That new Chocolaty Delight from Special K has been making my mouth water slightly.  PLUS it came with a step counter.  I brought it (the step counter not the cereal) to bed with me last night thinking I’d read the instructions but I got lured in by my little crush I have on Jamie Fraser in the book I’m reading.  This morning it was snatched from my bedside table and has since been re-purposed into a camera, a telephone and a rather enticing teething instrument.  It has not been confirmed yet if it has survived through the mass amounts of drool but the cereal was pretty tasty…dry.  With milk it wasn’t so hot.  But the girl on the commercial is SO SKINNY ha ha.

So, do your kids do this to you?

In other news:

A big fat thank-you to Lucas who gave Silas his diarrhea bug.  I sure love the smell of pudding poop in the morning,  better than a hot cup of coffee in my books.  Lucas, you get a big, golden star!  (I’m sure you’ve contracted a million things from Silas though so don’t feel bad)


  1. My three year old daughter, unlike my eight year old son, took to coloring very quickly as a child. We broke her very early from painting on the walls and to only color in books. Any book that is within reach and alone in a room with her gets colored in. I think it is a contest to see how many pages she can get marked before getting caught. It an be a little embarrasing sitting in an airport hotel or lobby reading a $20 book…covered in green crayon scribbles!

  2. Dewd. This has nothing to do with your post (sorry!) but I just read the comment you left me about someone stealing your post. That totally sucks! Kick some plagiarist ass, my friend.

  3. Who stole your post? I haven’t heard that story.

    Oh, and you get a big fat your welcome from Lucas, with a kiss. He ate a whole banana this morning, which seems to be helping the pudding poop. Poor little toddlers. Sigh. Our lives are so full of drama.

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