And The Award Goes To….

MY HUSBAND!  For the best valentines day gift ever.


What is it you ask?  It’s the new Dirt Devil Kone hand vacuum cleaner.  How romantic hey?  I had to poke, I had to prod, I had to remind but I made my romance happen and my floors clean at the same time.

This stemmed with an issue we seem to be having in our home.  When you have hard floors you truly begin to realize how disgusting carpets really are.  One hour after a good vacuum and your floors are covered in dust and hair and bits of crusty half-eaten toddler food.  It all spreads around and drives you crazy.  Now, all of that gets into your carpet and it sometimes never returns.  Yucky.

Anyway, since Isaac has been feeding himself we’ve had an even higher onslaught of  scattered bits as seen in this photo:


Look at those innocent faces.  Anyway.  You can see why I’d need a solution, something fun.  The broom just doesn’t call to me like the Kone does.  It just sits there all glowing, just ASKING to be used.  So since then, we haven’t had such floor troubles and we all are quiet happy.  Well, everyone but Isaac, he really did enjoy grazing on the scattered food throughout his day.

The only downsides are that Silas is terrified of it and it’s super loud…hence the terrified.  This morning he spilled a bunch of dry Cheerios on the floor (first time I’ve ever been thankful for no having any milk in the fridge) and I made him help me pick them up.  I was just waiting for us to be almost done so I could suck the rest up with my trusty Kone.  Then he was so terrified when I turned it on that he spilled the whole bowl again.  I guess more of a reason to use it though.

Just so you know, men, don’t EVER buy your woman a vacuum cleaner for any occasion unless she’s asking for it.  Luckily for Brent I was demanding asking for it often.


  1. oh my, I didn’t realize the feelings about wood floors and carpets and babies eating floor cereal and the joy of a hand vac were so universal. Thanks for the chuckle.

  2. I got a second hand hedge trimmer one year; such a treat. It was so dull and dripping oil and weighed about 50 lbs. Your vacuum looks psycadelic…obviously I know that’s spelled wrong 🙂

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