I have a question for you…


 What do you get when you mix a 2 year old with a bowl of popcorn, a cup of juice and Oprah and stick him on the potty???…..




That was actually the 2nd time on the potty yesterday and his 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th pee.  He kept pushing it out and saying “yay pee pee”.  Earlier in the day I sat him on the potty with a cup full of raisins and he finally peed for the first time.  My heart was warm and proud.   Now we just need him to want to go to the potty every time he pees.  I have a feeling that he’s kind of in a perpetual state of peeing.  Kinda just squirts it out here and there.

Unfortunately peeing ONLY in the potty isn’t something he understands as I found out last night after this bath.


 He stood naked on the carpet and said “YAY PEE PEE” as he deposited his urine on my floor.  He looked very confused to get scolded as opposed to being praised.  After I cleaned it up I had to run upstairs to get some diapers and from below I heard my niece Ali say “no Silas no no, in the potty!!” and my proud toddler saying, once again, “YAY PEE PEE!!”.  No more running around nude for a while.

 This morning he asked to sit on the potty so down came his pants and, much to my horror, there was poo in there.  The poo was now down his legs and most likely in areas that a few wipes were not going to be able to handle.  So into the shower he went.  And, when you put one kid in the shower, the other cries our of jealousy, so into the shower the other one went…he had even created his own poopy bum (which again I hadn’t noticed).  It’s always fun to keep your little one from trying to pick up and eat his own feces as they try and make their way down to the drain.  Needless to say I’ll be checking for poops before pulling down pants from now on.


  1. Good job!!!
    You are a very brave momma for wanting to potty train so young! I was the opposite and waited for my son to tell me when he was ready and right after his 3rd birthday he said he was, and voila he was trained!! I am just too dang lazy to clean up mess after mess and spend so much time when they are so young. But please don’t let me discourage you, if you succeed I will just be jealous that I wasn’t able to before the age of 2!!! HA

  2. We did that too! Deeder’s pediatrician recommended the running around nude, it didn’t work. I found myself following him around constantly asking him if he had to go and cleaning up lots of oopsies. Now I just set him on four times a day (when he wakes up, after naps and before bed). He goes tinkle every time and if I’m lucky to catch him at the right time, poopy too. It’s all about the timing. 😛

    Anyway, good luck! I’m just hoping to have the job taken care of with Deeder before my baby comes in June!

  3. How very exciting! YAY Silas!!! From one potty training mommy to another, I will be praying for you. The hardest part for me before Anika was trained was getting so frustrated when she had accidents and I thought we were doing good.

  4. Oh, the potty days…. You’re at least a year ahead of me on my last kid. Larisa was my favorite. We bought a bag of gummy bears; ONE little chewy bear was to be her reward for a poopoo in the pot. She was so extremely advanced and talented, that she trained herself to do 25 tiny poopies a day and therefore consume a bag of gummies each day. :o)

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