Sick Boy

I have a sick boy at home with me.  Mmmmmmm life feels normal today.  I may sound like a terrible mother but I am rather glad Isaac is home sick :).  He’s not too sick, not tossing his cookies or anything.  I really don’t know WHAT is wrong.  His appetite is there.  Just low energy and a fever.  He also says his throat hurts and his nose is sniffly.

I love having him home.  Today I feel more balanced and normal.  I’m used to us being alone together and that hasn’t changed since he started Kindergarten.  I still feel rather lost without him.  I wish I could just keep him little forever.

So yes, this selfish mother is happy her little sick boy is home.  Shoot me :).

You know, my boys are amazing when they’re sick.  Sick used to mean a big regression for Silas which used to suck big time.  Isaac will sometimes go through behavior issues after being sick too.  But WHEN they are sick, they are dear little angels.  I’m so lucky.

Even with the stomach flu, they don’t complain, they just sit there and yodel into the porcelain canyon when they must, and just chill the rest of the time.  No tears or whining.  It’s pretty nice.  I daresay, it feels like I get a bit of a break when they’re sick.  They don’t fight or anything!  I think it’s rather sad that mommy is the wimpiest sick person in the home…I’m really bad.

Anyway, I can pretend, for today, that things are as they were and I’ll enjoy having my baby home with me.  I’m even going to take him out for soup.

Look I brought out the old DSLR camera and actually took a photo…it was too dark so I farted around with it.  My iphone has made a lazy photographer.

This was Isaac’s “leave me alone with the camera already” face…but I do believe it’s a most delicious face.  Even when he’s a sick boy.




  1. Shhhhh, I used to love it when Con was home sick too, still do. As long as he’s not too sick. We use to cuddle and nap and love on each other. He won’t let me cuddle him to within an inch of his life anymore, but the extra care and spoilin is fun 🙂 Smooches Isaac!

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