Snotty noses and the boobie song

Lately my son has been pulling out my shirt and peering in to see what’s going on in there. I always tell him “those are boobies” and he quietly says beeboo and then smacks them or something like that. Anyway, he’s been singing this song lately and I haven’t thought anything of it. He just likes singing and he’s made up his own song so that’s cool. But once I really thought about it, HE WAS SINGING ABOUT BOOBIES!!! The words are “bee boo bee boo” and once I realized it I said boobies and he started singing his song. He’s really clever. The song starts around E after middle C on the “bee” and simply is a major or sometimes minor (he’s not perfect you know) third below on the “boo” : repeat as necessary. There you have it, the boobie song. I probably just made no sense to most of you.
Well, if you’ve read my last blog you’ll know that we found out that we’re having a boy. It was an odd feeling, the moment of knowing. I was so sure he was going to say “GIRL!!” and my baby-making days would be over. Oh well, now i’m going to have “boys” and it’s going to be great. I’m only 23 so I don’t know if I’m doomed to walk this Earth daughter-less. But I don’t want to be pregnant again, nor do I want a third child to bother me, so we’ll see. Sex is a strange thing. I’m trying not to look at it as possibly never having a daughter (which is kinda sad) but I’m seeing it as someone I’m going to love SO much no matter who they are and that’s all that matters. Silas is going to get a wicked playmate too!! One thing I’ve noticed about this second pregnancy, which is happening so closely to the first is the real lack of bladder control! Last night my husband and I were just talking in the kitchen and right then and there I started peeing. “I’M PEEING” I screamed as I ran to the bathroom, only to come out with no pants on because all had been damaged in the incident. My husband just laughs at me. I swear I pee my pants more often now that I did when I was three. And there’s no helping it! KEGALS!!

So we’re still sick here. Silas got his dose of Motrin and Dimetapp before bed which is really nice for him. He can’t sleep with a plugged nose, he needs that for breathing when he’s sucking on his soother! Anyway, it seemed to last till about 5:30 and then he didn’t really sleep much. BRAT!! Anyway, so both of us are sick and not really sleeping and I’m trying to produce life here!! I remember my 10 hour sleeps last pregnancy…sometimes 12. Ahhhh wonderfulness. Anyway, my poor Silas is needing his morning power breakfast (oatmeal, ground flax, berries, wheat germ, goat milk) because he keeps running out of cheerios so i’m going to stuff his face full of food and then take our snotty noses to the grocery store so I can make us some chicken noodle soup! Thanks Roselle for the menno noodles (dunno what else to call them), they’re perfect for my soup…although they do bulk up quite a bit and have turned my soup into casserole! K bye!

In this photo Silas is proud because he’s just conquered the chair! I shouldn’t have showed him that you can climb onto things because it never had occured to him yet. Oh well, he’s cute! This was taken Saturday.sichair.jpg


  1. Keep doing those kegals, for real! Thanks to a great physical therapist who truly helped me embrace the beauty of kegals, I now have LESS of that problem after 4 kids than before!

    Not peeing on yourself when you laugh too hard – priceless!

    Also, start doing just one or two easy ones right after you have your baby (even while still in the hospital). Gradually work up to a few through the postpartum period. It really speeds up healing (by increasing blood flow). I’m a believer!

    Good luck!

  2. That’s because Sophie wasn’t ripped from your loins with a big friggen TOOL!! Haha. I do kegals, not regularly. Whenever I think of it though, which is usually in public…but that’s ok! I actually did tons of them when I was healing….I don’t want to think about that right now, I’ll discuss my wounds from Silas (note how it’s spelled:) )another day.

  3. Peeing on all over yourself…another joy of motherhood. 😛 I have emerged many times from the bathroom pant less because of this magnificent joy of childbirth! Kegals? HA!

  4. The day after I had Silas I’d have to pee and I’d get up and go to the bathroom only to pull my pants down and realize I was already peeing!! haha…gotta love those forcepts. Thank God for those big pad underwear they give you.

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