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I finally felt like the grass was grown in enough today to let the boys play in the back yard.  This spring it looked pathetic and it wasn’t use-able at all.  I seeded it and covered it in some of my very own fresh compost and it looks lush and lovely again.  OOOOO I love using my own compost for things.  How exciting.

ANYWAY, the kids were running around naked.  They played with the hose and the sand table and blah blah blah.  THEN my dear dear Silas tripped over the hose and dove head first into the edge of the step…which just happens to be a cement paver.

As I was picking him up I was certain I was going to see blood and that we’d end up at the ER today getting stitches.  I saw his face and there was the beginnings of a goose egg that was growing before my eyes.  OOOOOOOOOO I hate that.  it just kept growing.

So I cried, called Brent, talked to my darling friend on MSN who also happens to be a nurse and concluded that he will be just fine.  I filled him up with Tylenol and Motrin, tried to get him to put a cold magic bag on his which he replied “I don’t think so” and now I’m having a beer.  He’s watching cartoon and eating an apple.  So I’m sure he’s fine.  I’m less fine I believe.

Silas just said to me “mommy is beautiful white, Silas is black and Ikey is butter.  Daddy is wango”.

Yup…he’s just fine…we know what especially from the “beautiful” part.

Gosh I need this beer.

At least I know this medication I’m on allows me to cry right?

Anyway, I always have you guys in mind so of course I photographed the bump on his head…just to break your hearts a little more.




Poor baby 🙁

Ugh, it’s been an hour since it happened and I’m STILL sick to my tummy.  Us mommies love TOO MUCH!!

Anyway, out of sheer narcissism, I’ve created an Informal Matriarch fan page on Facebook.  K it’s not really.  It’s so I can update you on new blogs, post funny videos and photos…etc.  I hope you join, it would make me glad.  Click here to get to it.  Don’t worry, I wont Facestalk* you if you join 🙂  I prrromise. MUUUHAHAHA.  No it wont allow me to see your profile or anything.  It’s just a fan site.  K join now 🙂

Canada Day was uneventful.  Alesha came and took Silas swimming at the pool (dangit I love her) and then we went to this celebration and um…well lets just say it ended with me angrily walking away from Silas with my hand over my eye and a swelling lip.

I’m all about embracing autism but SERIOUSLY, the hitting can just get to be too much!!

Anyway…in celebration of Canada Day 🙂


  1. Poor Silas! Glad that he’s okay though. That’s the most heartbreaking thing, especially when they get an instant goose egg.

  2. On the weekend, I taught Silas that “butter” is a colour. It’s the colour of Grandma’s rec room walls.

    Not sure what “wango” is, though. I don’t think we covered that one.

    Now I need to teach him about goose-egg-purple.

  3. Poor Silas 🙁 I hate it when they hurt themselves so badly and you can’t really do anything about it.

    Canada Day parade ended with me also walking away angrily from my son who argued with me incessantly and unreasonably for 10 minutes about how he wanted to sit on the potty (in a public restroom) and then proceeded to pee all over the floor, his shorts, he even got the walls. Large, loud celebrations don’t always bring out the best in children.

  4. First let me introduce myself..Im Danielle and Im from Austin…I was looking through wordpres for interesting reads and your blog title totally got my attention.

    Your son is so cute and well recently my 6 month old son fell out of his stroller face first and hit the pavement. I was so afraid to pick him up because I thought he busted his face. He was fine, didnt have one scratch but I wanted to cry so bad so I know how you feel….anyway I hope you dont mind if I subsribe to your blog

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