Two Until Two

I’ve been dreading Friday for months.  My little baby is turning TWO.  UGH.  As if I’m ready for him to be two yet.  Gimme a break.  He’s still a baby…he’s MY BABY!!  I’ve been telling him for two years to stay a baby and he’s just not listening.  I dunno what to do with that kid anymore.  Trade him in for another baby?  Maybe.

I’ve enjoyed the baby times but, despite the cute factor, things seem to be getting easier for us (not that he still isn’t adorable).  Like they both can climb in and out of their car seats now, Isaac helps me get things ready and he’s starting to listen when I say no.  And the way they take turns and share…my goodness…you’d be full of envy.  They’re amazing.  So yes, it is easier.  I am sad that I’m not going to have a baby Ikey much longer.  The next year he’ll grow into a boy and start saying 50000 things.

It’s nice to think I’m done with babies, in a way.  I mean, the cuteness factor is incredible but having children that can do some things on their own is pretty stinking nice.  Independence.  Woot.  I can’t believe I had my last child at age 24.  So stinking young.

Anyway, he’ll always be my baby, no matter what.

I’m sure I’ll have something amazing to write about him on Friday, I think I’m gearing up for a tear jerker.  Right now I’m just pondering his birthday party and what the heck I’m gunna do for it.  I’m not buying in to all the crap about having these extreme birthday parties with big blow up toys and sugar high kids.  No thanks.  And I’m not sending people’s kid’s home with those dumb plastic trinkets that no one uses for more than a day.  I think the world would be a better place without those.  We’re just going to play in the sand, swim in the water and enjoy company all while celebrating the birth of my darling.

And if you’re like me and cannot believe he’s two yet.  I HAVE PROOF! (Roselle, you might not wanna watch this)

Yes I have mad skillz being able to video my son whilst making a left hand turn.  Don’t judge me.

ANNNYWAY, today we went to the gymnastics place and I swear each and every one of you need to find a place like this to take your kids to.  It’s an amazing work out for them.  You try getting yourself out of a big vat of foam cubes.  It’s freaking HARD.  Silas had a full body sweat going on.  I’m sure, if I had checked, I would have seen some swass going on there to.  He was WORKING it.  He loves it so much.  I swear he peed when he walked in the door.  I think it’s our new favorite thing.  Yes I forgot the camera again.

Afterward, while Isaac screamed bloody murder, we drove to the Dr’s to pick up the form that we give to the tax people that will give us thousands of dollars in tax credits for having a special needs son.  I sometimes love the government with all my heart.  As soon as Silas is approved then we can claim a bunch of monetary goodness and *hopefully* relieve ourselves of much debt…and stress.  WOOT.  Oh the silver lining of autism…ha ha.  Jk.  Anyway, Silas had a tantrum in the middle of the dr.s office and some man held a bag of nuts towards him to try and make him happy, to which I yelled kindly responded “He’s deathly allergic, DONT YOU COME NEAR HIM WITH THOSE!!!”.  And he didn’t.  Crisis averted.

ONE MORE THING.  This is like…the best comment I’ve had in a long time. Scroll up to see why they said that.  If you didn’t know I’m a freak…well ya know now!!


  1. Holy! I haven’t had a laugh all day, thanks Ikey! That boy might need a losenge after that 🙂

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