What a Weekend!

Oh glorious weekend?  Where have you gone?

Saturday was amazingly sunny.  I got burned on exactly one side of my body.  Hot hey?  Brent went bright and early to pick up a used Little Tykes climber and slide from craigslist.  Once he got it home and unpacked we went to the park for some amazing fun.  We had a picnic and Silas and Brent ran around with no shirts on.  It was beautiful.

Once we got home we got the kids into nap time and I got started on washing down the play thingy.  It wasn’t that bad but gotta get rid of any peanutty goodness that might jump out and bite my child.  Anyway, one thing led to another and I came inside, at around 6pm, a very muddy woman.  We have this patio made of pavers which I’ve been meaning to change.  I wanted to get rid of some and have more grass.  The uses for these pavers suddenly jumped out at me.  I needed 4 to go under the play thing so we didn’t have to move it for mowing so I dug up sod, moved 4 60 pound pavers over and then replaced the sod where the pavers used to be.  Sod is stinking heavy, especially lower mainland sod that’s really wet.  Anyway,  I had more urges to dig so I went to where I want my raised garden bed and began to dig out sod.  I want to build it on some more of the pavers and gravel.  It’ll look nice to have a little bit of a hard surface around it then I wont lose any weeds in my grass during weeding.  Anyway, I worked so stinking hard.  I was so sore by the end of it all.  And sunburned.  Anyway, it’s looking nice.  Brent’s going to try and get some cheap/free sod from work  (Gosh I love his job) and we’ll re-sod the whole yard because it’s really not level and there’s a swampy spot.

I’m so happy to have this new play thing because he’s reacting to peanut residue on the playgrounds a lot and he’s too young to get him to not put his mouth on the playground or keep his hands out of his mouth, nose, ears and eyes.  Hopefully this will fill in some of the void when I’m feeling scared about bringing him to the park.

Anyway, Sunday wasn’t too exciting for me.  Brent left at 4 to play a show for a fundraiser.  Here’s some photos…by that I mean LOADS of photos.  You’re welcome.

nice back

The funny thing about Ikey is that his hair blows in little to no breeze.

blowing on the flowers…I don’t know why that’s important.

how tasty is THAT?

and THAT!

oooo and that

are they seriously as cute as I think they are??

I have a stick!

I came to tuck him in that night and found this…he he he.

sliding yesterday like my pavers and sod job?? 🙂

“in da house”

and delicious baby goodness to finish it all.  Yum.


  1. Your first spring workin’ on your yard and by the sound of it you loved it. Thanks for all the great photos …it surely looks like fun in the sun. Lots more fun to come on the plaything for the boys.Yay!!!

  2. Love all the pics! We played outside on Sunday, the only nice day besides today and I’m stuck inside with too many kids to take into my NON fenced yard. 🙁 Boo. Great work there lady! You are hired to come help me 🙂

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