A Good Mood Day

Silas has been in SUCH a good mood so far today.  I don’t know what to do with it.  I keep thinking I’m going to jinx it somehow!  There wasn’t any fussing or hanging or whining or smashing of faces on the floor.  It’s been a lovely morning, perhaps it’s because the sun is actually shining and there’s no sign of rain for once, that’s definitely brought me to a happier place.  Now he’s peacefully sleeping in his room while listening to the Fischer Price Lullaby’s CD (a lovely CD).  We had a good time playing on the floor today, played some very repetitive toddler games like “stand me up and say ‘up’ and then I’ll back into you and fall on my bum and laugh while you say ‘down'” that’s always a good one.  And there’s the “I run past you like I’m trying to NOT get caught but then you grab me and chew on my sides and let me go and I’ll run away and come back and do it all over again” game. When I wouldn’t try to catch him he’d just stand beside me with a big grin on his face like “OK I’m here mommy, time to catch me”  so fun.  He even gave me his first zerbert on my tummy, it made me laugh very hard.  Lots of slobber but it did tickle!

He slept through his nursing time this morning.  I sure didn’t sleep through it well.  I kept getting freaked out that he was going to wake up.  When I did hear him I looked at the clock and it was 7:00 and let out a big PHEW.  He’s on a bit of a milk strike now and doesn’t want his goats milk (he usually SCREAMS for it).  He did give into it for a few minutes, he cuddled and drank with his eyes rolling into the back of his head.  Then, as soon as he had accepted the cup, he decided it was absolutely apauling and refused to even look at it.  I persisted with it a bit but decided to give up, I didn’t want him associating drinking his milk with mommy tieing him down or anything.  Is it illegal to tie your kids down?  Nevermind.  He did enjoy watching me pretend to drink it, I accidently got a gulp of it….yikes.  I’m ok with cold goats milk but not warm.  EWWW.

I had something else to say but I forget now.  Oh well.  I’m going to finish my delightful sandwich and then scurry about the house g…..WAIT…I remember.

There’s an odor!  I have an odor and it’s coming from a closet I rarely go into.  It’s in the shoe closet by our front door, and boy is it an odor.  I first smelled it on my way to the bathroom this morning and then investigated every closet and room in that hall like a hound dog.  Then my sniffer finally came to a halt at the shoe and jacket closet, what could possibly be in there?  I know there’s loads of unloved shoes, jackets, some sports equipment, umbrella stroller.  Haha, I just couldn’t eat my last bite of delightful sandwich because I’m just thinking of all the frightening possibilities of what could be making this stench.  It could be as little as a forgotten sandwich put in there by my husband, or a poopy diaper that somehow made it’s way in there OR it could be like a dead cat or something.  I heard a cat meowing about two weeks ago, it could be decomposing on my bridesmaids shoes that I’ve never worn again.  I’m terribly frightened to look.  Frightened of what’s in there, frightened of the possibility of lurking spiders.  Maybe it’s a pile of decomposing wolf spiders!  There’s some alive ones feasting on the rotting flesh of the dead ones.  Anyway, the smell is really bad and I don’t know if I should make my husband look or if I should be brave and find out for myself.  It’s probably some sort of random food item my mother-in-law stuck in my husbands coat on our way out the door.  She’s been known to do things like that, she did it to me with SOCKS!  Haha.  Anyway, I have an odor and I’m frightened.  Perhaps I’ll send Silas in there.

….etting things clean and whatnot. (that was a continuation of the interrupted paragraph for those who didn’t catch on)



  1. It might be a pile of mouse poop or a secret passageway into the dumpster behind Denny’s (that has to stink) Or maybe its a poodle caught in a bear trap by its little fluffy tail and it crapped everywhere. I’m just saying maybe…
    Don’t go in alone ok. Freaky Freaky Freaky. and always check behind the door for the guy with the chainsaw.

  2. I vote to send the hubby in! 🙂 I love those games of acting like you’re not going to catch them and then you do – my son is 8 and he still loves playing games like that. Just the other night he was sitting by me and I’d pretend to ignore him and then all of the sudden tickle him and he’d hurry to the other end of the couch. Then he’d come back and you could hear him giggling with his hand covering his mouth… like I didn’t know he was right beside me. LOL They are so gosh dang cute!!!

  3. Leah I’m dying What’s the smell coming from, and you’re trying to nail it on me? Sounds like the weaning is working well, at least for Silas and isn’t it mostly about him. You wrote exceptionally well today, though I enjoy reading you writings each day. Mom R.

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