Special Pop

So this morning I faced the dreaded gestational diabetes test.  The test where they make you drink this disgusting bring orange pop and then make you sit for a whole hour only to stab you and take your blood.  The blood taking is always my favorite part (Ya I’m weird but I totally enjoy it.  Roselle, I paid close attention to the pain factor today and I can say that it does not hurt!!) but the rest of it just plain sucks.  I don’t really drink pop, I’ve been a little bit bad lately and having a bit of Barqs because I’m craving it for some reason.  Usually a can of pop will make me feel ill.  But this pop, this is special pop.  It’s got 5 grams of sugar per 1 fluid ounce, that’s some special pop.  Not to mention it’s gross (but naturally flavoured to my delight) and is full of artificial colour.  Now why would they need to make it orange-colored?  It’s not like they’re trying to SELL it to us.  It doesn’t have to look GOOD.  We have to drink it we don’t choose to so why not save us on some other problems and just make the crap clear?  Why does the colour NEED to match the flavour?  ANYWAY, I gag the stuff down and then I sit impatiently in a crowded waiting room for an hour.  I hate sitting in crowds like that because I just want to stare at people.  I love people watching but it’s hard when you’re in such close quarters.  Then you suddenly have to play the shifty eye game where you’re noticing a person’s black-heads on their nose and they look over and your eyes dart away and you look back and their eyes dart away and you keep looking at eachother to see if the other person is looking at you.  goodness, it didn’t happen today thanks, but the girl beside me had some DREADFUL blackheads, I wanted to give her a facial brush.  A lady in there was cuddling with her little son and it made me miss Silas.  He was over at Ash’s, playing with his girlfriend Ireland who’s three days older than him.  Anyway, I looked at the clock constantly for the last 10 minutes of the waiting game and then got called in for the blood taking.  YAY.  Then the lady gave my the cotton to hold down on my wound and said “I’ll get you a band-aid for that in a moment” and she left, and she was gone.  She was really gone and she never came back.  I was sitting long after the bleeding ended and I was contemplating grabbing a band-aid and just walking out.  I finally caught the eye of some lady and she bandaged me and sent me on my way, phew.  She told me that I probably was forgotten, how nice.  So that’s part of my morning today.

Earlier in the morning (6am) Silas awoke thinking he needed a boobie or two to slurp on.  Brent went in to try and get him back to sleep but it wasn’t working.  I was feeling sad, I guess I should nurse him I thought.  Then this massive amount of determination came over me.  I’ve already suffered a day of leaky boobies, I might as well just keep this going.  So I went in and rubbed his head till he was happy to be on his own again and then helped my hubby make his lunch (which I never do usually because I’m blissfully sleeping at that time) and stayed up to make sure Silas was asleep.  Then I went back to bed only to have Silas wake up at 6:40.  Jeepers.  I went in his room and decided to pretend it was his usual wake-up time which was only 20 mins away anyway.  Up came the blinds and on went the Black-Eyed Peas and I gave him his toys and went to bed.  I couldn’t sleep by then :(.  When I finally started to doze he started to cry.  It was 7:20 by then.  Phooey.  I went in his room and he was soaked from head to toe and so was his bed, he had managed to get the lid off his water cup and now things were soaked, his newish duvet cover nicely stained his sheets red in one spot (I wont even mention how much I paid for fabric for all of that!) so everything got hung up and he got changed and we cuddled for a VERY long time.  I enjoyed that.

I just have to mention one more thing.  Yesterday I turned into a mad cleaning lady.  At one point I was out of breath and covered in sweat.  Yes, I cleaned and boy did I clean well and once it was done I realized that what I had done was hardly noticable.  How dissapointing.  It was little things that had been bothering me a lot and I was so happy to be in the mood to get them done.  But they were the kind of thing husbands would never notice so I had to make sure to point out every single thing I had done to Brent so I’d get proper apreciation.  I paid for it last night too, I managed to be able to walk OK though, well, I could take steps, but they weren’t proper painless ones that’s for sure.  ANYWAY, enough talking!!  I need to post more photos, I’m being lazy!


  1. Ew, I hate that pop. I don’t like orange pop to begin with, and that stuff is so much more potent, and nasty. It hurts my throat as it goes down!! I am so jealous that your little guy will entertain himself for an hour in the morning so you can keep sleeping! Wow!!

  2. I’m reading Leah, was it the cup from here that Silas opened? also I’m proud of you for all the housework you’re getting done, husbands(and probably others) have a hard time noticing our cleaning , that’s why we show them, and I think they are happy to see. I did some cleaning at Mel’s today. The chriro is a good idea, I’ll contribute. Mom R.

  3. I enjoyed your post, PM! I had that orange stuff, too, but I like orange pop… and yes, it was way too sweet, but I got it down. I think the type of solution you have to drink is different, according to the type of test you are taking. Some of them are 3 hour tests and some are longer, or just 1 hour.

    When my Gabriel (2 yrs) wakes in the mornings, he wakes me up, too, but I just don’t get up…. he can stay up to 2 hours in there while I get my extra winks. When I start to hear the complaining, I know it’s about 8am… like clockwork.

  4. Forgotten while giving blood – not fun. Last time I was in for my blood work…. I was SO unhappy with the lady working. There was an older man in there and she was SO terribly rude to him right in front of me. I was embarrassed for him. And maybe embarrassed that she was acting like she was. Housecleaning… I wish they would notice all we do 🙁 I’m good for pointing that kind of stuff out too.

  5. I remember that pop…strangely enough I had a craving for orange pop when I was pregnant with Jacob. It tasted exactly like the orange pop you get from McDonalds. I really hope you don’t have to do the 3 hour test like I did.

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