The Conclusion of the Odor

After finishing yesterday’s post I bravely ventured to my closet, opened the door and looked in. The stench really hit me and I was frightened. I thought I would just do a quick surface scan of the closet to see if I could spot what the horrible odor was coming from. I saw shoes and jackets in unorganized piles. I couldn’t bring myself to lift anything up and check under, what if the dead thing had come back to life again? It was going to jump out at me with it’s half decomposed body and harm me in some gruesome way. My eyes were darting too and fro and then I saw it. There it was, all white and shiny, just staring at me with it’s evil stench. I wondered how long it had been there and how in God’s name had it gotten there in the first place. What stupid person thought of putting this in our closet to rot? By the way it had been packaged I could only conclude that it was my husband and I take no responsibility. I took it from my closet, grabbed a plastic bag. With my breath held, I wrapped it up properly and threw it in the trash where the dirty diapers belong!

Happy times didn’t last too long yesterday and they sure aren’t happening right now. Silas is all whiny again. Is it illegal to duck tape their mouths? Never mind. He got grumpy again after his nap yesterday and I can only conclude that it has something to do with a pearly white coming in. Cookies make him quiet, I’m glad I have lots of cookies. He has a whole one in his mouth right now. How do you teach a toddler to not whine?

We had a little adventure after his nap yesterday and we happened upon a park, right across the street from us. Who knew?? That’s what you get when you live amongst tall buildings. It was just a bunch of grass and a bench with two smelly smoking teens on it. Silas said “EWW” when he saw them and I was proud. I wish we could have stayed longer but my bladder almost ruptured. (Silas is crying for another cookie, I said no, now he’s crying more…duck tape?? ) Anyway, I took some photos before we left because I haven’t put one up in a while. So enjoy this one of my darling.


Brent is all sick. His fever was 100 before we went to bed so I told him to not take any drugs and just sweat it out overnight. Boy did he sweat but at least he’s feeling better this morning, k no he’s not but I thought he would. I didn’t sleep well because Silas didn’t sleep well and I was constantly concerned about my ill husband beside me. He went to work this morning like a soldier, what a man. I’d be all wimpy and in bed all day long. Silas didn’t nurse this morning again. Woot Woot! He’s chewing on my Croc now. Psycho child.

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  1. Yeah – odor-b-gone! That picture is adorable! I have a sick husband too – I didn’t sleep at all between him being sick, my son being sick and my being pregnant and having to pee constantly, not to mention I must go buy a couple more pillows to make it through this pregnancy. Glad we bought a king size bed so there’s room for all my pillows! 🙂 I just can’t get comfortable anymore, when I finally did last night it was because I had stolen his pillow! haha It wasn’t long before that was gone again and I was wide awake….. uggggg

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