Hitting and Biting and Scratching OH MY!

So my darling little Silas has turned into a violent little booger and I’m actually starting to get upset. He does this little hit and claw move where he hits you and then digs his nails in and pulls back, sometimes you get a pinch too. If you hold onto his hands then he will reach down with his mouth and try to bite you, then of course you let go and he’s back to the hitting. He’s relentless and he’s not listening to no at all. I wanna cry sometimes because there’s really not much I can do. The louder I say “no” the more it escalates so I need to keep my tone calm. I think I just need to keep saying “no” in a calm-ish tone and just be relentless with it, he’s not getting away with anything and he hasn’t thus far. He’s also doing a lot of kicking when I change his bum. He thinks that’s just a game but I’m also being relentless with that.

I know this is all because he’s getting four massive molars in at the same time, I just wish he didn’t feel like he needed to be violent towards me (or anyone else, his Grandma got a little beating from him in the grocery store today) during his pain. Any suggestions from readers would be much appreciated, I really feel like crying when he does it and it’s really hard to keep my calm and not escalate the problem. I’m starting to fear for Silas’ little brother.

My mommy is cleaning my house right now, I should go help her. I’m going to cut her hair.


Here’s my mom with her hair just cut.  Silas is sporting his new shirt from Auntie Jill!


  1. Oh joy, I can’t wait for that. I was a little terror when I was a kid.

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  2. iwish i knew what advise to give and i wish even more that my darling grandson was not behaving this way, its like i always say though it is probably a phase and it will pass. just had a thought – vitamin centre has Bach Remedies and supposedly one of them comes in a spray and perhaps that might help, might cost around 15.00. It’s a calming down preparation.

  3. My leah, I MISS YOU! If only I had had raw meat withing touching distance again! Hey, your mom is really pretty! she looks like YOU! I wanna make the black bean soup you did but forget how. TELL ME!

  4. For teething pain, I used a plain white baby cloth (without dye). Wet it and stuck it into the freezer until it froze. Then just give it to Silas to bite on. The cold will sooth the pain. My son loved it.

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