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Ah, wonderful sunshine.  I just sat on my deck for a bit and soaked in some rays while they lasted.  It really helps the mood that’s for sure.  Silas is still out there playing and singing.  Sometimes when he’s out there he shouts “WEEEE” or “EIEIO” very loudly.  I’m sure the people on the street think that’s rather funny.  I do at least!

Silas’ fuse is about 1mm long right now.  I just want this teething thing to be over.   Poor kiddo.  He pretty much has lost it by bed time.  Last night he didn’t even eat his oatmeal which is very weird for him.

Brent and I stayed up WAY too late last night.  Lost was on at a funny time and the hockey game went on for far too long.  I’m glad we watched Lost and not the game because nothing happened in the game that entire hour.  We didn’t stay up till the end which I was happy for because we would have watched another nothing period before the Canucks actually won.  Oh and by the way, at least an appropriate person got voted off Idol last night, if Sanjaya isn’t gone next week though, I’m going to snap!  And they did win, and that makes me happy.  I slept like a log last night though, I had worked SO hard on cleaning my house.  It’s very clean now, I just have a few odds and ends to do.  There’s also a gigantic pile of laundry in the middle of our living room that needs to be folded.  Brent had wonderful intentions of folding it last night but never got around to it because he didn’t feel like moving once he sat down.  Poor guy.  I over-did it with the cleaning though, I was in so much pain last night after I finally settled down.  My hips hurt soooo bad.  I’m happy to have a chiro appointment tomorrow, the sciatic problem that he’s been working on is mostly gone now though, it’s just bad hips with a lot of weight on them.  I will definitely try for a nap today, I’m so tired.  I’ve noticed I’m not nearly as tired as I was when all the family was out.  I guess all the visiting was getting to me, it was well worth it though.

I had a major chocolate craving last night so I found a chocolate muffin recipe and I made it, with my own modifications of course.  The bottoms came out dark and it made me sad but then Brent and I noticed that the dark bottoms tasted like burned marshmallows and we were stoked!

Anyway, the next couple of days might be dedicated to getting our tax things together.  Brent was self employed for part of last year so I need to get all the books up to date for the tax dude, I’ve been dreading taxes for a looong time.

Silas just came up to me with his smushy and said “cuddle”…too cute, I need to go oblige him.


Brent and Silas were so cute this weekend, I had to snap some photos.  There’s nothing cuter than Daddy and baby photos.


  1. Hey you.

    I’ve never commented seriously in any posts of yours, and though I don’t have much to comment about on this particular one, other than I agree about the whole Sanjaya thing, and that the game last night lasted waaaaaaaaaaay too long.

    So I guess this is going to be more of a ‘hi, I haven’t talked to ya in a while, how’ve ya been doing’ sorta comment.

    It’s down to the wire now for you isn’t it? With what? only 8 more weeks to go? I think it’ll be enjoyable for you, raising a little one in the summer time. the weather, just puts you in such a great mood!

    I never realized how long your hair is!! (facebook pictures) I don’t think i’ve ever known you with hair as long as it is now. and if i have, than i apologize, cause my memory seems to fade by the weeks, not years 😐

    enjoy the rest of your day!!

  2. Silas is just adorable, and you are a great mommy! (I was reading your frustrations on the ‘disciplining a 15 month old’ post. I think I started time outs with Caleb around 16-18 months. I think it is more about removing them from the situation, and giving them a few seconds to cool down. We still don’t actually time them, but he sits in our hallway, where there are no distractions. Caleb is really beginning to test limits to find his boundaries, so I wish I could say it will be getting better, buuut 😉 (Caleb just turned 2)

    Anyhow, thanks for the comment on my blog, I’m surprised someone read it! lol Like you, having my first son was a kind of ‘cure’ after struggling with depression for 5+ years, but I’m in a slump right now. My mother has had trouble with depression since her teenage years and still struggles at 57. Medication didn’t help me either. I know what I need to do, but I’m looking for a place to start. A more healthy lifestyle, the rest will follow. I have failed at changing my eating habits a few times now. So, baby steps…I will find a way. Love your health blog also. Some good points to think on as I get started.

    Your picture is beautiful, and I wish you and Brent the best of luck with #2! Congratulations! Caleb was not planned either, and I know all too well how you felt at first (in reading your unexpected pregnancy post). Here’s to hoping you get another cuddle bug! Isn’t that the best? Okay well, most of the time, except when you’re trying to cook 🙂 I have one too, there can never be too many hugs at this age!

  3. so you are enjoying some sunshine and a clean house, great. hope the chiro was just what you needed, i’m having another appt. tom., that’s #2 this wk. I got an orange cast today, i’m extremely tired and a little less cheerful. that’s a marvelous shot you got of brent and silas.

  4. I’m in edmonton so the game went to 1:30am here. C’mon, the first game of the playoffs and you guys are going to bed?! Seriously, where’s the towel power?

  5. That picture is adorable. My family just loves me when I have my camera shoved in their faces ALL the time 🙂 Can’t help it – I love em all! Glad you got some sleep – I think the more I do, the more energized I am and the less I sleep because I can’t settle down.

  6. i am so upset that sanjaya is still on. even my mom agrees, and she never agrees with me. i’m not sure if it’s okay to post this here or not but, she said “it’s because there are probably a million little girls from india voting for him..” not sure if he is from india, but i’ve never seen my mom in such a rage over the fact that sanjaya has made it this far!

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