Teething Never Ends

My darling Silas is starting to have a hard time again with his teethies.  At least we had a few weeks of really happy baby.  The poor kiddo, I can’t believe he’s cut 8 teeth since Christmas, the two molars are hardly cut and the other two are starting to get a bit white on the gums so they’ll be cutting soon too.  I’ve dealt with quite a few tantrums the past few days but he’s settling quicker than he used to.  The other night he had one in his highchair and ended up bleeding somehow, I’ve never really seen him bleed, it was weird.   The mornings have been really good still even though he gets grumpy closer to nap time.  He’s started to scream with his tantrums but is doing a little less head bashing which I think I can thank the goose egg on his head for that one.

In a week Silas will be 17 months old.  Holy cow!  I think I’ll update you more on his progress this month at that time.  He sure is expanding with the language though, new words come out of his mouth all of the time.  He now thinks the potty is fun to sit on.  We haven’t spent much naked time on it though.  Usually he sits on it when I’m using the washroom.  I don’t know how to tell such a young baby to pee on the potty so I think we’ll just take it slow and try and keep him interested in it for now.  He’s sure cute when he sits on it.

Silas got his first taste of KD and Wieners last night.  I haven’t let Brent get it even though he bugs me about it sometimes.  Last night I didn’t feel like cooking so I let him buy the stuff for it.   Silas didn’t like the KD until there was ketchup on it and then he scarfed it all.  The wieners were ingested right away.  Oh well, we’ll have that again in another year or two, that food usually never sees my lips or the inside of my house, I thought it would be a fun thing anyway.

Chim Chim is getting so incredibly strong.  I feel like I have a mini Hercules in my tummy.  Silas didn’t feel anything like this at all.  I’m frightened of what’s going to come out of there.  I can’t imagine how strong he’ll be in a few weeks even, let alone the 8 more that I have to endure.  It’s a bitter sweet thing as I near the end of this pregnancy.  On one hand, I’m really excited to have someone new to love as much as I love my little Silas.  On the other hand, I’m terrified and I feel like there’s an intruder about to come into my life.  I felt that way after Silas was born, I just wanted it to be Brent and I again.  Now I feel like I’m going to want it to be just Brent, Silas and I again.  I’m not the kind of person who falls instantly in love with the child growing in her tummy.  I didn’t even fall in love with Silas until a few weeks or even months after he was born.  Of course I loved him in a maternal instinct sort of way but it wasn’t a rush of emotion when he came out.  I hope I get more of that rush with Chim Chim but I’m not counting on it.  We’ll see.  I’m definitely glad I wont be pregnant for much longer, I do sort of see this as my last pregnancy so I’m trying to enjoy these last weeks as they might be my last forever.  Who has their last child at 24?  I feel so young to be doing this!

Anyway, my goal today is to get this house near spotless.  I’m not going to try to nap today because it hardly ever happens anyway. I’m predicting that Silas will wake up grumpy and make me hold him most of the afternoon so I’m going to get down and dirty while he naps.  I need energy for this…yikes.  I’ll make myself a fruit shake and some iced rooibos and I’ll feel energized.

One last thing.  I really hope Sanjaya gets voted off Idol this week, I think he wont but he was grossing me out last night with his pubery beard and those eyes he was making at the camera.  I could just hear all the little tweens screaming at the camera.  That shows you how far looks get you in life sometimes because Simon was right, he sang like a 14 year old!  Canucks start the playoffs tonight!


Here’s Silas making a goofy face.  I think he was reacting to the red eye function on the camera.  Look at all those new teeth!  There’s also the remnants of his head meeting the corner a few weeks ago, I can’t believe it’s still there, there’s still a bump too!


  1. Schweet. Silas and Emily have matching head bruises. I wish you were up here this weekend for Emmy’s b-day. I wanted Silas to come and eat cake and let Emily chase him. oh well next time I guess.

  2. What a cutie. And that smile is killer!
    I think my son has a head bruise in almost all of his preschool pictures. I look at them now and it’s a wonder I was never investigated for child abuse!!

  3. One good thing about having your last one at 24 is that you’ll have a longer time to “get your body back”, you know? I think it will be easier for you than for someone who has her last child at 34. It is kind of sad to think that you won’t get to experience pregnancy any more, but on the other hand… you’re probably tired of it by this point! 🙂

    Good luck on the house cleaning!

  4. i think i only want one child! ahh. i am not ready to adjust, who knows.

    as far as sanjaya, it was like a milk mustache gone terribly wrong! so gross.

  5. You have such a cute boy there. Kids are never easy. I have 3 older siblings really can turn things upside down. I my mom had my first sister when she was 17. That made it really interesting since they now grow up like sisters rather than a mom-daughter relationship. Now that my mom is 50 and my sister is 33, they are closer than ever.


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