Saved By The Mom

Yesterday was one of the hardest days I’ve experienced as a mother.  I want to cry just thinking about it.  Silas was awful, just completely horrible and I have the bruises to prove it.  I don’t know if it was the ear infection or teething or what but he was a monster.  He’d pick the perfect times to freak out.  I had Ikey just sleeping and then Silas wanted his smushy which was in his room and I couldn’t get it at that point and then he just went nuts.  The other time Ikey had finally really started to eat and I was too scared to pull him off because I didn’t want to stop a good thing and then Silas wanted to go up into his room.  That was the worst freak out, he bit me so hard.  I don’t think he came over to me with the intentions of biting.  He put his face into my arm and screamed into it which is fine with me, it feels good to do that, but then he clamped down.  I have a very tender bruise in that spot.   The other bruise was from him pulling a book out of my hands when we were reading.  He yanked too hard and the thing came over his head right into the bridge of my nose.

Is there an association for battered mothers?  I felt like I needed to call Nanny 911.  If this continues then I will be seeking some professional help.  Those weren’t just tantrums, it felt like rage.  He threw tantrums the whole day as well though, I guess he was making sure I’ve been put in my place.

Oh darling Silas, must you keep showing signs that you’ll have stupid ADD as well?  I don’t want that for you.

My mom saved the day.  She arrived after the first temper tantrum.  She came with our good friend Mary, Jennie and Jennie’s MIL.  They all looked at me and said “you look like you need to cry”.  I was beyond that.  Mom dove into my kitchen and made it all pretty and I put some soup on the stove and fed them all.  It felt good to be doing something happy, like seeing people enjoy my good soup.  It was sad that they all had to leave.

Mom rescued me again though, she made her way back when she could and once her and Jules arrived she told me to go take a shower.  By that time my eyes were red and puffy from all of the tears.  I gladly used up all of the hot water and then proceeded to dry my hair and flat iron it (a dream come true) and then I did something crazy, I actually plucked my eyebrows!!

**gosh Silas is playing so nicely with Isaac right now.  It works to put Ikey in the exersaucer and Silas just plays with the toys too.  I really am glad for  all the good things that Silas is**

I can’t believe what a good eyebrow shaping does to the face, I had forgotten!  Anyway, mom bought us pizza and sent Brent and I out of the house for a little date.   We had a fun time at the restaurant, I laughed so hard at the waitress.  Here’s our conversation:

Waiter: How is your cake

*silent moment

Me: it’s OK

Brent :it’s a little dry

Waiter: oh really?  You want a glass of water?

I almost died, no “oh I’m so sorry, do you want something else?”.  Just a glass of water to wash the chocolaty loofah down our throats.  She’s so generous.  I had a serious case of the giggles after that, it felt good.

Anyway, thanks Mom for saving me.  I felt so defeated after yesterday.  There’s no reasoning with a 22 month old, no reasoning at all.


I just took this…she didn’t know why…ha ha.  Oooo pretty eyebrow!


Me looking mildly happy…or like Jennie.  Not that Jennie always looks mildly happy.  LOOK, A NIPPLE!  Can you find it?



  1. Your restaurant story is funny. You look much nicer in today’s pic. You should feed Terry and I supper tonight.

  2. WOW! You do look like Jennie! haha!
    Sorry you had such a crappy day yesterday:(, glad your mom was able to make you feel so much better:)!
    You look beautiful in the pucs and I am so glad you got that time to yourself, and that time for you and Brent:)!
    Hope you have a better rest of the week:)!

  3. After a day like that, time alone and great hair can actually make such a difference. I never would have believed it before living it.

    It warmed my heart to see all of that support appear for you on your doorstop…

    Take care.

  4. Have you had him allergy tested for other things besides peanuts? Sometimes allergies can also manifest as behaviour problems. (Although most 2-year-olds can be impossible little people anyways.)

  5. Oh, your mother is an angel, she really gets it doesn’t she? Beautiful photo of the two of you. That was so nice to read, to see them rally around you. I agree that straightening your hair can make you feel so much more in charge of your life.

  6. My Mom has wanted to save me so many times but she can’t. My baby will NOT let her hold him! 🙁 Poor Gramma – I don’t know what to do. My oldest is HUGE Gramma’s boy and my baby is the world’s biggest Momma’s boy. Geesh.

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