Tumble Time

Let me begin by saying how glad I am that I started consuming All Bran Buds again.  Remember back in the day when I wrote an ode to All Bran Buds?  Ya I’m feeling the All Bran Bud afterglow right now and it feels gooood.

So we went to go tumble about at the gymnastics place again today.  Oh the fun that was had.  I apologise in advance about the amount of photographs I’m about to make you look at but I assure you that they’ll touch you in a way that only my children (the most adorable ones in the world…right? can.

Alesha (she said I’m allowed to use her name and photos in here…wooot!  She also loves All Bran Buds) came along for the ride (Jennie came too).  Silas is REALLY taking a liking to her which I’m happy about.  They haven’t started working yet, they’ve just played lots, pretty much getting him to like her and want to be with her.  I really think she’s going to be great for our team!!

Anyway, enough jibber jabber…on with the gloriousness of the cutness…okay I know only I think they’re the cutest…just let me gush ok??  Humour me!!


on the move
Isaac on the move
it's exhausting getting out of there
it's exhausting getting out of there
silas and I jumping in!!  He's jumping off that high thing...I was too chicken
Silas and I jumping in!! He's jumping off that high thing...I was too chicken
Ikey taking a leap
Ikey taking a leap with random unattended little wobbly toddler whom no one knew who she belonged to.

Alesha leaping with Silas
Alesha leaping with Silas


woohoo!! He's so nuts hey?
climbing through the tunnel!
climbing through the tunnel!
awkwardly trying to get out of the foam vat...kinda funny.
awkwardly trying to get out of the foam vat...kinda funny.


uuuugggggghhhhhh he's just so EDIBLE!!
uuuugggggghhhhhh he's just so EDIBLE!!
mmm mmm mmm
mmm mmm mmm look at that bottom lip!
balancing with Alesha
balancing with Alesha
every time we go to leave he stuffs himself in this tiny locker.  Weirdo.
every time we go to leave he stuffs himself in this tiny locker. Weirdo.

There were 25 photos so I parred it down….a little. I just couldn’t choose.  Ugh.

It’s interesting having a therapist with us.  It’s like, I have a staff…WE have a staff.  It’s weird that someone’s job is working with my son.  It’s weird that my son needs that.  It just feels odd.  I’m SO happy that we’re fortunate enough to be blessed with even a bit of money to go towards the ABA therapy.  Once I read Jill’s blog about her insurance company covering NOTHING, I felt bad for complaining about not getting enough for Silas.  I’m happy to live in Canada and I really hope that Obama’s health care plan works our for the best for the people in the US.

It’s 5:00 and Isaac hasn’t woken up yet, I guess we wore him out!

Oh BTW Dumb Nosey Wench Cow Face just knocked on my door and said “hi it’s your crazy neighbour that tried to feed you peanuts!!” then she invited me to a mom’s group tomorrow in the park.  Oh she had the best intentions…doesn’t she?  I think I’ve forgiven her for calling me a fat bad mother and then trying to murder my son…*sigh*.

And mmmmkay I’m really starting to get grossed out by the number of people getting to my blog by googling “naked kids peeing” “girl peeing in bath”  or “little girl peeing naked”….seriously disturbing.  Stop reading my blog freakos!!


  1. Silas is so brave jumping from that high!! And a little weird with the whole stuffing himself in the locker thing, not that I’m surprised. When he’s older and in school and if some mean older kids stuff him in a locker, he won’t care! It’ll bring back fond memories! Great pics of Isaac.

  2. ha ha, if anyone stuffs silas in a locker his auntie jill will take care of them…i mean it 🙂 i kind of think that boy will be untouchable.

    okay, the foam blocks are making my skin crawl. i can sleep on that kind of foam if there are a few layers between me and it. ugh, the thoughts of jumping into it are making me want to throw up…isn’t that weird?! i am so into anything, but not foam, no no no.

    that place looks like a blast though!! and so many little muscles and brain bits being honed!

  3. That place looks like so much fun! The pics are too cute and he looks like he’s having a fantastic time.

    I’ve seen the weird Search Engine Terms people use to get to my blog – “naked baby, dirty diaper, etc.” There are some freaks out there. Lol.

  4. oh man, many moons ago I taught preschool gymnastics…. your pics took me back

    and HOW fun was that???

    i need to find a place like that for bubs (me)

  5. I want a foam pit, too! He is very cute in the tube as well.

    The search terms are extremely creepy. I love seeing the WordPress stats, but it is strange to know that so many people enter my site looking for feet, lovely feet, and hairy feet. I don’t think I have even posted more than a couple feet photos. FREAKS.

    Thanks for stopping by my site. Johnny Depp is on his way.

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