Pregnancy #2

I was a cleaning machine yesterday. I even cleaned the storage room which was piled high with recycling that we’ve been too lazy to take out. I even um, what’s the word? Swept? And um, mopped? the storage room. Now my husband just needs to take out all of the bags and bags of recycling. I also did a massive amount of laundry, two dishwasher loads, bathroom, general tidying, etc. I was a maniac. My place still looks messy though, ugh. I totally over-did it too. Brent and I settled down to watch House at 9 and I had to get up to pee and one point and it took me almost the entire commercial break to get of the darn couch. Oh my lovely sciatic nerve is back to bother me again. When I was pregnant with Silas I had some nights where I’d just have to crawl or Brent would carry me. I hate that stupid nerve!

So far, though, this pregnancy has been so much more delightful than the last. I did have morning sickness but not for 7 months like last time and not nearly as bad as last time either. Still no sign of kidney stones this time but I’m still crossing my fingers on that one. Also the warm feeling that’s come along with this one. I now know the love I get to feel for this child where as last time I had no idea what I was in for. I also know how insane it’s going to drive me. I’m getting to the point in this pregnancy where I’m starting to feel whale-like and too hot all of the time. Although I’m much happier with my body this time. At 23 weeks I weigh the same as when I got pregnant the first time. Woot woot!! The doc is already astonished at how much weight I gained last month though 🙁 But it was a fast growing time. I am at risk for gestational diabetes he said. Last pregnancy I started at 155 and got to 200 pounds, which I promptly peed off until I got to about 165. Water weight is no fun, especially when your calves get stretchmarks. Luckily my tummy missed the marks but everything else got them. I’m praying they don’t come this time :(.

It’s weird when you lose your youthful body. I know it looks fine in clothes but I always had pride in the fact that I never got any stretchmarks and my boobs were small but perky. Now everything is fallen and striped. Oh well, it’s the marks of love, the marks of motherhood. I’m only 23 though, I wish I had a few more years looking and feeling 23. Anyway, it’s taken me all day to write so I’m going to stop now. I’ll put some photos of me up because this is about me today :).


This was taken a few days ago, I was having fun with self portraits. I’m kinda into photography so it’s artsy a bit.


And here is my belly taken just now with my webcam. Pay no attention to the dishes on my counter!


  1. Oh how I hear you on missing my youthful body. My husband keeps reminding me.. honey you’re pregnant, you’re body is supposed to change. That however doesn’t satisfy me – why can’t I have the baby and just gain weight in my belly and then lose it all and have no marks to show I was pregnant. haha Right! I mean come on we go through enough – why do our bodies have to be “trashed” also. Ugggg…. Sorry I didn’t offer any comforting words – I just agreed with everything. *Hugs* to you – we know we were tough enough to make it through 1 so 2 will surely be conquered by us too! 🙂

  2. You’re ALL belly! So cute! 😛 I was the WORST pregnant person in the world! Labor was the easy part, the TEN months is what about killed me! Even though I have managed to get weight down to less than I was before I was pregnant, my body is no where near what it used to be! There is nothing sexy about the accordion belly! Yuck!

  3. Missing your “youthful body”, are you? That made me chuckle, because I looked at those two pictures and thought, “Oh, she’s so *young*!”

    Old women don’t get pregnant, my dear. That is one GORGEOUS body you have now – baby and all!

    You also have lovely eyes. That first portrait is well done.

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