Shower Time

Ever since Silas was a newborn I’ve loved to take him in the shower with me. When he was that small I could wash myself one handed. Then I’d sit on the bottom and lay back with him laying on my chest and he’d sometimes nurse and it was so nice and peacefull. He’d almost fall asleep it would relax him so much. I’d also sing to him pretty much the entire time which he still enjoys immensely. Today it’s still fun to shower together but it’s a little different. He plays with toys while I wash (and he eats the bubbles) and he goes back and forth from sitting on me to playing with things. He’s very good when I say “on your bum” and he sits right down. His noises are so cute and he seems to have special ones just for the shower. (He’s singing the boobie song right now) There has always been something wonderful and relaxing and connective about our showers together. It’s getting hard now though as my belly grows and he’s more demanding about things. Yesterday he was SO upset because I tried to see if he’d use the bath crayons and he just ate the top off one so I had to take them away, he was very sorrowful. He’s also very sad now when I have to say no when he wants to nurse, that breaks my heart. Anyway, to all you mothers of newborns out there I would highly recommend showering with your babies. Babies thrive when they get skin to skin contact and it’s a wonderful time to connect. It’s also wonderful for softening those big boogers that you can’t get out and for draining a runny nose. Silas doesn’t mind water on his face either, which I think is a result of that. I can’t wait to bring in the new one with me, we’ll have to do it when Daddy is home so we can have our little alone time together in there.

On a different note, it looks like I have my independent Silas back in full. He was awake at about 6:30 so I nursed him but he didn’t go back to sleep so I gave him toys and everything as usual and I didn’t hear him until 9:45 where I had a little panic that he’d choked on something and died. When I got in there he was just a happy little clam. PHEW. He’s reading books right now in his own little language. I love that. Yay for Silas feeling better. Too bad I still have to give him the poisonous antibiotics 🙁


Here’s the little button taking an olive oil bath recently. He got dry skin from the dry dry north.


  1. What a sweet little boy!

    Showering with baby sounds like fun. My little chubamuffin has always been too heavy to hold for that long, but he’s just starting to sit now, so perhaps I could try having him in the tub while I shower – that would be fun!

    Sorry to hear that he needed antibiotics. Did you give him acidophilus to help replenish the good bacteria? I only just learned about it recently, after many many years of antibiotics for chest infections.

  2. This sounds like such a fabulous time you guys share. I remember trying it one time with my son, but I spent the entire time scared out of my mind that I’d drop my soapy little squirmy man. I plan on trying again with my new little one.

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