Is He Back?

Is this the calm before the storm or is Silas actually feeling better? I’m not hearing tears yet, or whining, or sadness. I’m frightened to move or to do anything wrong, oh the glorious quiet!! He’s just walked into the room with his cracker in hand and a smile on his face. I think my boy might be back. So glad. Yesterday he had a few moments of what I took to be complete agony as his mortin was wearing off. It’s so hard to hear them in so much pain. Ear infections are the WORST!!

Last night his cousin came over and Silas turned into a nutty noodle head. His cousin is almost a year old but he’s behind because he was super premature. He’s really a miracle baby and I get a gushy every time i see him. Anyway, he was in awe of his big cousin and Silas proudly showed off (First tantrum of the day just happened, he was my cuz MY eggs that I was sharing with him were gone….even though he claimed to be “all dah” with breakfast moments ago….his breakfast of course.) and got extremely hyper. It was funny to watch. His little cousin got a few kisses and really enjoyed it if Silas fell on him. It was a sight to see. His mother and I have concluded that we need to spend more time together because her son might progress a bit more if he has examples of what to do from an older baby. Plus perhaps we wont need to pay for counseling for my loneliness! Haha.

Baby #2 is 22 weeks along now and I have a glorious watermelon happening. Man, rapid growth this time. I did a big weight gain but I think it has slowed down a bit (lets hope that cake, pizza, chips, ice cream, and pop this weekend had no calories. Gosh, I’m embarrassed! I’m pregnant, I’m ALLOWED once in a while.) I shouldn’t give into my craving for chips and ice cream (served together, not mixed, just um, eaten at the same time, not within the same bite though.) so often. Oh well. I asked Brent to get a photo of me yesterday to put on my blog but it didn’t happen, I actually looked good yesterday too. Oh well. One of these days you can see my bump.

Anyway, I really don’t have anything witty or exciting to say this morning. I’m just happy that Silas is happy and happy that I got more sleep last night. I’m going over the details of getting ready to fly to Manitoba on Thursday, there’s a lot of laundry to be done. Oh hateful laundry. There’s hardly ever a moment when I can say “all the laundry is done!”. I hate folding it because it hurts my back for some reason. It’s not like it’s the hardest task ever, it’s just….laundry. Ugh. Ok I’m done my rant on washing clothes, I should go make myself more eggs now because Silas ate them all!

I smell poo.


Silas just had his thumb in his poor infected ear

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