My Headbanger

I was going to write a lovely blog today about all the things I love and adore about Silas, but after a week of him being a total grump, I’ve forgotten those things. Haha, no I haven’t. I’m just not in a mushy mood this morning. As I type this, Silas is having a little tantrum. He wanted to touch the buttons on the microwave and I said no. So he flipped, that was a few minutes ago (at least he obeyed though, right?). I try my best to ignore tantrums and it usually works. I think he’s done now. There’s something really disturbing about Silas when he gets mad though. He smashes his head on things. Hard things, soft things, daddy, me, etc. As I was starting this he was smacking his head on the desk over and over. Apparently this is rather normal behavior but it’s kinda terrifying. I usually ignore that behavior as well, perhaps put on his favorite music that relaxes him and maybe rub his head. I do not ignore it when he does it on me, he gets put down and he can do it on the floor. Since this has been such a bad week he’s been doing it rather often, he’s usually pretty good with calming down quickly, I’m really confused as to what’s going on or changing in him. I hope it’s just teeth and he’s going to go back to my easy-going little peach that he has always been. Lets hope this happens BEFORE our flight to Manitoba next week. Lets also hope that this new habit of waking up at 6:30 goes away too…a few week ago it was 7:30 and a few weeks before that it was 8:30….you can see I’m used to a more luxurious lifestyle. WOW, the song just changed and Silas FLIPPED!!! Ahhhh what’s happening to him? It’s just a song!! My poor boy 🙁

I’ve decided that I absolutely HATE fridays. It’s the end of the week, mommies are at the end up their ropes and daddies just can’t seem to get home soon enough. I actually managed to make an amazing shepherds pie (the best I’ve ever had) and a chocolate cake which I made WAY too much icing for, there’s the same amount of icing as cake. Brent though it was lovely though. Anyway, tantrum pants is back at it, the song changed again and he was headbanging on my chest. Time for the music to go off and Silas to sit on the floor. I wish Daddy wasn’t at work today. Now I’m past the end of the rope. I think it’s time to go to the walk-in and rule out ear infections.

Just got back from the Doc and he says it’s an ear infection.  I’m sad.  This is our first go with antibiotics so wish us luck.  I made sure he was totally sure that Silas needed them.  I hate them AHHH.  Anyway, time to give the first dose.


  1. she is doing the same freaking thing with sleep. At first it was almost 10 am, then it was 8:30, and for the last couple of days she attempts to get up before 6 (i ignore it), so she waits til its around 6:30 and then i HAVE to go get her. Today i managed to get her to sleep til 7:30… Silly baby sleep habits

  2. Poor little guy! Good luck with the antibiotics! I hate having to give them those kinds of things. Aidan has to take meds for reflux and we waited a long time before finally giving in, I felt bad after we finally did because after he started taking them it was really apparent that he did need them. 🙁 I guess I’m still waiting for my users manual to come in the mail!

  3. It’s reassuring when you can actually find a physical reason for a tantrum. You never want them to be sick, but it’s comforting to know your instincts about “this is just not my child” were right.

    I miss those days with my 12 and 8 year olds. Sure, I could say hormones were the physical reasons…but the tantrums just turn into a different kind of rebellion and happen far too often to be a sick day. Attitude starts early.

    My 3 year old has moved from the terrible twos to the worse 3’s. The “worse” is that they are much more aware of right/wrong and just refuse to comply. “No, I not.” is commonplace now.

    Hope your little one feels better quickly. Antibiotics, when needed (and I’m with you on only using when needed), usually do the trick rather quickly.

  4. Sounds like you could use a mom’s night out on Fridays! My daughter is 13, my stepsons grown, but I so remember being home with the little ones. You deserve some time to have fun and be carefree. Once in awhile.

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