Back From Vacation

Man it feels good to have someone to cook for me. I loved being at my in-laws house in Manitoba. It was much too short. I’m always surprised at how comfortable I am around Brent’s family. We had a lovely time and I hope I didn’t stick my foot in my mouth too many times. I’ve been known to blurt out inappropriate things in the name of humour at very inopportune times. Anyway, we had a blast and I will upload photos from the vacation and put them on my woomp very soon. I’m sure you all missed me while I was gone as well. Silas was very good on the plane and didn’t even cry about ears hurting. He did squirm a bit but the TV’s on the way there helped. There were none on the way back but they gave us a juice box for him which made him feel very special…for a few moments.

I’ve been kinda sitting all day in a weird state of anxiety. I really don’t know what I am anxious about and I usually don’t feel anxiety like this. It’s just hormones and the feeling of being alone setting in, plus my house is way more messy than Gord and Roselle’s so I’m feeling slightly claustrophobic amongst the mess. I need my mommy to come and help me clean. Mommy?

Today is Valentines day and I wasn’t going to do anything but I’ve decided to try and get the house clean and I just pre-ordered some Greek food for supper tonight. Mmmm roast lamb. We’ll eat it after baby poo poo head goes to bed tonight so we don’t have a little wiener begging for our food. Being a mommy I just give him all of my food because I’m excited that his mouth is actually opening to receive something I’m giving to him. Anyway, I’m creating some romance for myself because that’s what I get for marrying someone who’s romantically challenged. He’s so close to being perfect though, I guess I had to let something go.

I really need to get cleaning and I want to have a shower with Silas still. I’m feeling all romantic about him seeing it’s Valentines day, I just need to be in a place with him where he will actually cuddle. He’s eating his lunch right now which is mainly scraps from different places in my house because my fridge is empty. He’s eating some cookies his grandma sent along with us. I’m such a good mother, ha ha.

Well that’s all, nothing witty or fun today. I’m just adjusting to being alone in my messy house again. I really miss everyone in Manitoba already though. 🙁


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