My Name is Silas

*I thought a little ‘get to know Silas’ would be a fun addition to my blog*

Hi my name is Silas. I’m almost 15 months old. I weigh a whopping 30(some) pounds and I have blond hair and Hazel eyes. Momma gets mad when people call them brown, hers are brown and they look nothing like my beautiful eyes. I have many interests but what I love most is things that spin. Anything that can turn in a circle is fantastic to watch. I mainly spend my day with spinning things. It makes me mad when Momma makes me leave her bedroom and I can’t watch her ceiling fan anymore. I also really like singing and I sing “happy” from “you are my sunshine” most of my day, it makes momma smile. I also can sing twinkle twinkle and EIEIO. I like playing alone unless someone is there to bite my ribs, I’m fond of a good chewing. Being startled is one of the funniest things I can think of along with sneezing and coughing. I like pointing at birdies out the window but I can never find the ones my momma points at. When I’m frustrated I simply smash my face on something hard and I feel better. I love to clap. I love picking little things off the floor and tasting them. I LOVE momma’s boobies and I’ve made up a song about them which I sing in public as often as I can. Dogs are wonderful. There’s nothing more thrilling than walking around with my smushy (blankie) on my head and attacking people, or walls. I love cuddling when I wake up but momma kisses me too much. I get very impatient when I find out I’m about to take a shower and then Momma runs around collecting things, just let me shower already! I love it when Dada comes home, he plays with me so nicely. Sometimes I call strange men Dada and Momma’s face gets red. I hate a diaper change. I hate it when Momma dresses me and doesn’t like how it looks so she starts all over again, I’m not a doll Momma! I like hitting babies that are smaller than me. Momma and Dada tell me to be gentle but it’s so hard. I love cheerios with all of my heart and I rather dislike it when Momma vacuums them off the floor and I have nothing to snack on during the day (I also dislike vacuums). Cups are fun. I love peeing on the kitchen floor and then crawling around in it. I love the challenge of trying to pick my puke up off the floor to eat it. The toilet is a fascinating instrument full of fun water to play in and drink. Auntie Juju makes me hyper, Auntie Jen Jen is good for kissing, Auntie Jill is good to sing to on the phone and Auntie Leanne has a wonderful little baby to hit, he likes me. Buttons need to be pushed no matter what the cost. I like to obey my Momma most of the time, unless I’m having too much fun. Books are more fun for me than TV, I love reading a book in my own language. It’s important to say “all done” when you close a book. Cow noises are scary and worth crying about. Opening something is fun. I wish I was allowed to play with the phone, remotes and keyboard, Momma and Dada gave me my own but they aren’t as fun as the ones they touch. I love to crawl along a floor with my head down so I can’t see where I am going, it’s thrilling to see how close I can stop to a wall, sometimes I hit them. I’ve learned it’s dangerous to walk and read at the same time, walls jump out in-front of me when I do that. Anyway, that’s all I have to say about me. I’m going to go play now before Momma makes me nap.


  1. Mmmm … kisses. I got many last night from the little monkey. This is the cutest post ever and pretty much sums up everything I know about my special little nephew. My house is very exciting to him because I have a ceiling fan in the kitchen, with a switch that’s only about 2 feet off the ground (strange wiring). Perfect for babies to flip off and on at will.

  2. I’m so glad to hear you had a good time at our house, it was wonderful to have you and I still can hear Silas sing “happy”. As far as the clean house is concerned well it is alot easier to do when one has space and no small children so take heart you will get there before too long. We love you Leah Roselle

  3. My eyes are also hazel, and I always get cranky when someone calls them brown! Especially because it usually happens on a day when I think they’re particularly greenish. Stick to your guns on that one!

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