Bye Bye Fuzzies

I have warm fuzzies floating under my skin.  I just cuddled in bed with Silas in hopes of him calming down and getting some nap time.  He listens to this lullaby CD and I don’t know all the songs.  He wants me to sing along so I just make things up like “Silas go to sleep or I’ll spank your little bum, close you eyes or I’ll freak out so please go to sleep”.  Of course I’m just joking around, no spanking this house.  YUCK.  Anyway, Silas is lovely to snuggle with, he always has been.  I think I kissed him 500 times.

I think I might actually do my hair today.  I feel so bad for my poor husband who comes home to some scary lady who’s taken the place of his wife.  I’m usually wearing PJ’s because they’re just so dang comfy for cuddling and nursing and what have you.  Everything I have is still too tight to wear comfortably.  (I’m hearing some thumping above my head GO TO SLEEP SILAS!!  Now Ikey just woke up because he had to sneeze…GRRRRRR)

Um ok…so I wrote the above quite a while ago…I had to rock Ikey back to sleep.  Then I noticed Silas wasn’t sleeping.  As I was laying Isaac down, Silas was screaming his face off.  Ike woke up right as he hit his bed.  Why am I still rocking him to sleep?? I’m blaming that on my husband.  I need a crib and a nice environment for him before I feel like I could lay him down to sleep himself.  Right now he’s in a bassinet in a room full of boxes.  Anyway, Silas is having lunch now and Ikey is whining in his bumbo chair.  I’m SOOOOOOOOO grumpy now.  Silas always does this when I need him to be awake at a certain time.  His Grandma and (honorary) Auntie Mary are coming in 2 hours for supper.  GRRRRRRR.  Bye bye warm fuzzies.

Such is the life of a mother of two, I was supposed to be blow drying my hair right now so I’d be pretty for my husband for once.  Looks like a messy pony tail with fly aways everywhere again.

This was supposed to be a fun post.  Sorry.

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  1. Blow-drying and straightening my hair use to be a chore….. now I’d love to have the time to do so. Some mornings I might blow-dry just because the noise calms baby but once thats done either he’s hungry or I remember the 50 things that need to be done and beatifying my hair just isn’t one of them. Straightening my hair makes me feel soooooo much better.

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