Sometimes I Don’t Feel Like Making A Title.

Every time I sit down here I draw a blank about what I had been planning to write about so I just blab and blab and blab with no direction.  I wish I could remember because I’m not finding anything to blab about either.  Hmmmmmm.

Ikey’s nursing wacky again (I just remembered what I was blogging about).  One sip and then he crunches his tummy like he needs to burp.  I’m having to put him to sleep and then nurse him.  Annoying.

I’ve decided that I’m more addicted to Ikey’s swaddle then he is so we’re going off it.  I was bad and swaddled Silas until he was like….old.  He really liked it though.  I’m finding Ikey likes sprawling too.  I just like it because it holds their little hands down.  They seem to wake themselves up when they start flailing about.  I’m going to get rid of it though.  I start by just swaddling him with one arm out and then we go two arms out and just around the tummy and then we get rid of it.  I have video of Silas rolling about in his swaddle like a little sausage.

I can’t believe Ikey will be 4 months old on Saturday.  He’s getting big so fast.  I love the post infant stage, it’s so much more fun for me.  I remember everything taking so much long when it was just Silas and I.  It took forever for three months to come.  I’m so looking forward to starting solids in 2 months and lessening the nursing thing.  Woooot.

I’m feeling back to normal.  I guess I wasn’t in the mind set to let myself fall completely over the edge.  Being happy is so much better than being sad.  My brain is kinda trained to think happy thoughts now so I kinda have to work on the negative self talk.  I’m feeling positive again and spunky.  Working out is helping the spunky part.  I’m already feeling stronger.

Jennie is in my yard with Ikey right now.  It’s nice to have a visitor during the day.  Tomorrow my mommy and good friend Mary are coming over and I’m making them some farmers sausage and perogies and white gravey.  I got my Mom addicted last time she was here.

Anyway, I’m going to go have more coffee…feels like I need more of it these days.


  1. haha – I saw the “title” of this post and busted out laughing. I think that EVERYTIME I sit to write – I always think “Do they really care what the title of this post is?” Funny.

    There’s no way I could keep my baby in a swaddle – he’d bust out of that thing screaming in no time. I don’t blame him….. if you held me captive like that after being cooped up for 9 months I’d have your head when I got out 🙂

    mmmmm perogies are the greatest! Your lunch sounds really yummy.

  2. I remember well Silas’ swaddle.Glad to hear your mommy’s coming to visit and Mary too…sounds like they’re in for a treat. I cooked some great soup today that I think you’d like Curried Leek and Cauliflower .Maybe when we come to visit I’ll bring along the other thing I made today…Pumpkin loaf with a cream cheese layer in it, too good.

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