New URL!!!

From now on you should start getting used to finding my blog by going to

Yes my friends, things are changing around here.  I’m changing hosts and giving my blog a make over and yes, it’s going to be good.  I’m also going to try and make the blog a little better, I’m pretty lazy with my posts.  Verrrrrry lazy.

I often have a bit of a funny conversation with Silas and I always forget that it’s going to end up making me laugh at the end, he surprises me every time.  It usually goes something like this:

Silas: did you go to the park yesterday? (“you” = “I”…he’s confused..)

Me: yes

Silas: did you play on the slide

Me: yes

Silas: did you eat some lunch?

Me: yes…mmmm lunch

Silas: did you have fun

Me: yes we had fun

Silas: aaaaaamen.

Funny kid.

We went to the gymnastics place again today.  My goodness is that ever the best place in the world.  Alesha will be going with us next week so I think that’ll be a better time to be able to take photos and whatnot.  There’s so many good photo ops there.

Afterwards we went to Leanne’s house for lunch and the kids had a lot of fun playing with Lucas’ toys.  That usually keeps them quiet for lonnnnnnnnng periods of time.  Gosh I love that.  Leanne showed me her fancy new Macbook which makes my baseline new macbook look like it’s from fischer price.  I have mac envy now dangit!!!

Anyway, I’m happy that it’s nap time and I’m wondering what to do with myself.  Be productive Leah…beee productive.

But this couch feels sooooooooo nice….*sigh*

K it’s getting to be beach season and I look fairly frightening in my bikini, like it looks itsy bitsy on me.  I’m DYING for a new suit and I have my heart set on this one from . How delicious is that bathing suit?  It would hide ALL of my sins.  There’s a polkadot one to that’s exactly the same.  *sigh* one can dream can’t they???


  1. Ruching ROCKS! My new bathing suit has it. Plus the t-shirt I have on today. It REALLY hides stuff.

    What’s the RSS feed address for your new site? I tried subscribing, but it doesn’t work with my reader and that is NOT acceptable.


  2. My mom has that bathing suit and it looks amazing on her. I think you would look good in it too 😀
    The you = I think is a normal autism thing isnt it??

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