Pay Me Back in Kisses!

When in Manitoba we attended a wedding where Brent was one of the groomsmen.  I realized I have a much better appreciation for the speeches done by the parents during the reception.  The groom’s mom got me rather teary although she did talk about “I’ll Love You Forever” by Robert Munsch.  A book that I’ve tried to read to Silas and I can’t do it because I just start crying.  ANYWAY, after the parents speeches, the Bride and groom made (lengthy) speeches and both said “I could never repay you for what you’ve done” to their parents.  You can obviously tell they aren’t parents themselves.  I realized at that moment what a silly statement that is to hear when you’re a parent.  Repayment, what would that even mean?  When Silas is making me mad all I need is a kiss and a cuddle and he can be on his way.  I’ll just sit there for a moment all dizzy with love and goo and warmth and forget about any work I’ve ever put into him thus far.  If I didn’t get a kiss and a cuddle?  Well, I’d still not feel the need for him to do something for me as repayment.

So as parents, what do we NEED from our children?  I know I need nothing to love him.  I guess I could just ask him to stay alive.  Don’t murder anyone.  Stay close to me (relationally…geographically would be nice too).  But really, what could you ask someone you love and adore so much as payment? it would be awkward if he started wiping my bum.  Silas is standing below me looking up and fake sneezing with a big smile on his face, I’ve been nicely sprayed with saliva.  I think that’s enough.  Although he’s gone from that to having a temper tantrum because I didn’t let him play with the bottle of amaretto in the cupboard that he’s just found.  Oh well, I can still feel a little saliva on my arm so I’m good.

Thanks for all the replies to my previous post, they really made sense!!

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  1. I loved this post! Very, very interesting and I think that every mother would ask their kids for the same payment… to stay alive and to stay close.

    You know you’re a mom when all you need is his cute smiling face right after he buries his head in your stomach and wipes his sick, HEAVILY runny nose all over you! Oh, and the sickbed cuddles do wonders, too!

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