Just So Sad

The moment you fall in love with your child you’re completely ruined.  Sometimes it happens at conception, for me it happens about a month after they’re born.  My heart opens up and suddenly I’m ruined for another person.  Not much else matters anymore, only that my child is safe and healthy. I almost think the… Continue reading Just So Sad

The Ball is Rolling

So I got a call from child development this morning.  At first it was disheartening, this lady was really confusing.  She had me thinking that Silas was in some sort of limbo stage.  Her program only deals with children enrolled in pre-school or school and Infant and Child development only deals with Children up to… Continue reading The Ball is Rolling

Meat Fingers

One thing I’m finding as I observe Silas is that he has these moments of total clarity.  Yesterday he had almost an entire DAY of clarity.  I couldn’t believe all the words coming from his mouth.  A lot of it was still echoing but he was making up a lot of his own stuff too. … Continue reading Meat Fingers

Here We Go Silas

First off, thanks everyone for all the support. It’s been shocking to see how loving everyone is being towards our family. SO many thoughts going through my mind today. Wondering what my future looks like. What things am I going to have to do that are completely out of my character?? I know for Silas… Continue reading Here We Go Silas

Titles are for People Who Don’t Have To Think of One Every Stinking DAY!!

So Silas has his appointment with the ped to see whether or not he’s on any spectrum. Any parents with kids on the spectrum that could give me hints on how to prepare and conduct myself during that initial appointment? Part of me almost wants him to be on it. It wouldn’t change him but… Continue reading Titles are for People Who Don’t Have To Think of One Every Stinking DAY!!