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Crunchy Munchy Carrots

SO Brent’s interview went smashingly.  He rocked it just like I knew he would.  The guy said he wants to hire him but has to go through the process.  The person who told Brent about this job told him last night that when he saw them introducing Brent to the CEO he knew that Brent […]

New Words and GARDEN PHOTOS!!

Ikey is saying new words almost daily!! Yesterday he said “squish” and “cheers”. This morning he said “fish”. So now he can say: Mama (which sounds like mumum), Dada (which he yelled out when Brent opened the door yesterday), row row row, up, this and that (depending if he wants this or that 🙂 ). […]

Great Trip

Well, we are back to the grind after a lovely May Long Weekend at my parent’s house.  Gosh, it’s so stinking beautiful out there.  So quiet and the air smells so nice.  It still feels like home to me. My parents were AMAZING in making their house 100% peanut free for us.  They just took […]

Ikey Ikey Ikey…and some gardening stuff :)

We’re on the countdown until Isaac gets to one year. I can’t believe we’re so close!! He’s changing very quickly now. He’s just cut 3 teeth, all in the wrong order just like Silas. Not AS wonky…but close. I swear that comes from his Dad’s side because Lucas did the same thing. But poor baby, […]