Money Money Money Money….MONEY

The title is supposed to be sung that that song.  Anyway… My mind is buzzing with all these ideas for raising money for Silas.  A Gala?  A church event?  Selling things on my blog??  Begging? The government is going to give us 20 grand which we will only be able to spend on ABA therapy,… Continue reading Money Money Money Money….MONEY

Cough Cough Cough

So, almost done Silas’ diagnosis.  The psychologist told me he’s certain Silas has autism, he’s just got to figure out the severity and which type it is.  More things were pointed out to me that I didn’t realize about Silas. Today I am excited.  I’m excited to start therapy.  I’m feeling able to make phone… Continue reading Cough Cough Cough

One Step Closer

So we’re back from the speech therapist now.  She wasn’t able to do a full assessment because part way through, Silas ran screaming to the other side of the room and began smashing his head on very very hard things.  He’s been doing it all day…he’s forming a welt.  I’m considering another ear infection. Anyway,… Continue reading One Step Closer


Well, another lesson learned in not getting your hopes up too high.  Silas’ back is covered in hives from his peanut allergy test.  His allergy is worse than it was a year and a bit ago.  I guess we’re just really really good at keeping him safe. The doc said to not come back for… Continue reading Shucks…


There a messageboard that I go to that’s all about autism.  We talk about everything there.  Some woman mentioned her son’s fascination with letters and spelling so I told her my son was like that also. To that she replies: ” I know- you don’t see it very often- it is called hyperlexia- look it… Continue reading Hyperlexia?

Private Practice Scores a Big, Fat ZERO

Anyone watch Private Practice last night?  If you did, you’ll know why I feel rather insulted by it.  If not, let me catch you up on what happened. The show was about a mother of three sons.  Her eldest has autism and the other two kids are typical.  They’ve just returned from Europe where her… Continue reading Private Practice Scores a Big, Fat ZERO


Silas climbs onto my lap as I’m sitting on the couch, gives me his sparkly eyed smile and begins to bounce, so hard that it’s beginning to hurt.  I shift so his bony bum begins hitting the couch and not my poor thighs.  His face is so happy so I try to not be annoyed… Continue reading Blessed.

Relaxing Weekend

What a relaxing weekend.  We arrived at about 9pm the first day and were very very impressed at how our chalet looked.  You’ll see photos below.  It’s really beautiful there. The next morning we decided to have breakfast on the deck, I was blabbing on and on about something between mouthfuls of eggs, sausage and… Continue reading Relaxing Weekend

Today I’m Excited.

It’s funny, ever since Silas was born we kinda poked fun at him.  He just seemed different and we came up with nicknames for him like “special boy”.  Which I know can be offensive but..he was just different.  Sometimes as he’d be sitting there spinning something I’d call him my little autistic boy. I had… Continue reading Today I’m Excited.