Jonah’s Story: Part 2

Click here for part 1 Brent and I decided together that we would take the night and in the morning we would head to the hospital.  We needed our rest, I needed a moment to gather my thoughts.  That night we slept more peacefully than we had in months.  All was quiet.  That began the… Continue reading Jonah’s Story: Part 2

Jonah’s Story: Part 1

I don’t even know how to start writing this – most of what I’m about to say I haven’t even re-lived in my mind yet. I’m terrified if I write and terrified if I don’t. I’m scared it will not be perfect enough, dignified enough to honour my baby. I’m scared if I don’t, that… Continue reading Jonah’s Story: Part 1

Ten Days Ago

That little life that was growing inside of me.  That little baby I felt doing flips inside me not long ago (10 days to be exact).  I brought it home today.  Not the way I ever imagined bringing it home.  Not in the heat of august in a new summer outfit.  Not in the gorgeous… Continue reading Ten Days Ago

The winner is!!

The winner of the Delta Labs Multivitamin giveaway is!! Dun dun daaaaaa Leanne cornelsen   Yaya!  Congrats!

bad bevahior…it’s my fault

**Lets pretend I named this “Negative Behavior…it’s my fault” just cuz I think that’s better** I think it’s after a blog where I comment on how lovely and behaved my children are where they decide to act out.  It’s usually my fault. Like when my child goes back to neurosensory integration for the first time… Continue reading bad bevahior…it’s my fault

Pregnant and Irrational

at least I still have my pregnancy glow :)

Typically, I am a reasonable person.  In my older years I’ve gotten a bit nutty around PMS time but I’m still able to tell my husband that I understand I’m being irrational.  This pregnancy I’ve also felt pretty OK but I’ve felt some pretty irrational things and done a few irrational things worth noting. I… Continue reading Pregnant and Irrational

In Awe

I was thinking the other day.  I was thinking about how fantastic my children are.  How they’ve just gotten to be such pleasant well-behaved children (well, they’re still kids and they still get in trouble but they’re not terrors and neither have behavior issues).  I caught myself noting that I was so glad that they… Continue reading In Awe


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What a weird blog week.  It’s was maddening and…oddly successful in terms of readership.  And I’m hoping that’s not because so much of the drama.  I’m hoping some were drawn by my vulnerability.  Because I hadn’t been that way in a while.  I felt like I needed that part of my blog back.  In a… Continue reading Conclusions

Losing Myself to Autism

Once upon a time I had a flourishing garden.  My tomatoes fell to blight but I tenderly rescued each one of them and saw them through to ripening in the sun on my deck and they were magnificent and juicy.  I had many house plants that grew and grew and flourished under the care of… Continue reading Losing Myself to Autism

I’m Gunna Say It Like It Is

It could be my fault that yesterday’s blog didn’t read like I was hoping it to.  Perhaps my sarcasm was too strong and you couldn’t see that my point was simply this: “I struggle to feel like a woman because that sense of mothering people by serving and constantly giving isn’t within me.  It is… Continue reading I’m Gunna Say It Like It Is

Make Your Own Damn Sammich

Women are the kind of people who put themselves last.  They take care of everyone else and not themselves.  They’re nurturers.  They take care of their husbands, wanting to not actually “serve” them so much (well…in this generation…I think..maybe they do) but care for them.  Cook and clean and provide in a way men kind… Continue reading Make Your Own Damn Sammich

Birth Party

A lot of people are pretty private about their deliveries.  Usually they have only their husband with them, some refrain from even calling the family until after the baby is born.  Some have their mom there too but of course, if you’re about to be spread eagle on a bed with no pants on –… Continue reading Birth Party


I’ve been sitting here staring at the blank screen for like 5 minutes.  I’m hungry but I don’t know what I want to eat.  I’m SO tired but when I went to bed I was all wide awake.  I took a shower instead – which is pretty impressive for me these days. I’m really ready… Continue reading Gag