I Abandonded You

GAH!!!  I’ve been such a bad blogger lately!  I’ve been so absorbed with sick kids and a really good book series that I’ve abandoned you.  I’m so sorry. I don’t think there’s been a week in the last month where I haven’t had a child home with me.  Silas’ eye thing, fevers, coughs, more fevers,… Continue reading I Abandonded You

12 Weeks Pregnant!

I can’t believe I’m 12 Weeks Pregnant already!! Ahhh! It’s almost time to say goodbye to the first trimester and morning sickness and hello to food and backaches. Getting out of this trimester is making this all seem a lot more real to me. The bump is looking a lot more like an end of… Continue reading 12 Weeks Pregnant!

Getting Excited for Baby

Baby Isaac

Crap, I’m already teary. I think the excitement of this baby really hit me today.  Like I’ve said before.  We never felt like it was the responsible thing to do to have another child.  Silas took most of our energy and what was left was meant for Isaac.  And that’s what we did.  We didn’t… Continue reading Getting Excited for Baby

The Case of the Swollen Eye

This is how it looked this morning.

Yesterday after school I noticed Silas’ eye was a bit red.  A while after we got home it had started swelling and by this morning it was almost swollen shut.  So, most of my morning was spent waiting to get in to the walk in.  Thankfully you can go and get your name on the… Continue reading The Case of the Swollen Eye

Autism Update

Silas and his autism used to be the main topic of choice on this blog and over time it’s slowly changed again.  I thought it would be time to give you an autism update so you can see how the little gaffer is doing. How is he doing?  AMAZING!!  Our lives don’t feel ruled by… Continue reading Autism Update

Very Inspiring Blogger Award

My dear friend Hayley from Love Art Baby nominated me for the very inspiring blogger award.  The rules of this award are to write seven things about yourself and then pass this along to other bloggers.  Since she took most of the bloggers I’ve been following, and since some of the blogs I want to… Continue reading Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Pregnancy Dreams

So I’m kind of enjoying all these wacky dreams that come along with pregnancy.  I usually don’t remember them or the details but now it’s like I’m living two lives.  Real life and dream land.  Pregnancy dreams ROCK.  I don’t remember them being like THIS. I think my dream last night was partly me processing… Continue reading Pregnancy Dreams

Making a Person

There have been many people that have witnessed me saying that there’s no way I would ever ever ever have a baby again.  There’s also been blogs about how I feel like I can’t because Silas took up so much of our lives and that I was scared we would make someone else with autism.… Continue reading Making a Person

Writer’s Workshop: Joy

Yay, time to get in on another workshop.  I chose the topic of joy because the other’s had to do with Santa and we don’t DO Santa and then one about an outfit….but I recently gained a few pounds SO SCREW OUTFITS!!! OKAY the top 9 things that bring me joy…because 10 is just too… Continue reading Writer’s Workshop: Joy

This Loss is Just Too Big

It’s hard to know what to blog about after Friday happened.  I spent the entire day in tears, just counting down the minutes where I could see my children again.  Thankfully I was able to go early to help them with their gingerbread houses and I just couldn’t stop squeezing them.  My eyes were heavy… Continue reading This Loss is Just Too Big