What’s So Hard About A Seat Belt?

In the United States, car accidents represent the highest cause of death for children above the age of 3 and are responsible for over 140,000 children’s visits to the emergency room each year. – medical news today American Journal of Preventive Medicine has revealed that only a small percentage of children in the U.S. are […]

FYI (if you’re a teenage girl) – A Response

I’m seeing this post tossed around Facebook for the past two days.  A lot of people are giving it the thumbs up and it would be cool if you’d first read it and then come back to hear what I have to say.  If you’ve already read “FYI (If You’re a Teenage Girl)” by Kimberly […]

Back to School Blues

What just happened?  I blinked and the summer break ended. We drove to school today in what I can only describe as a torrential downpour, I told the children that the Earth was crying because they didn’t have all the time in the world to play outside anymore and it’ll miss them while they’re in […]

I Have a Daughter

Another sick twist in the continuing saga of our sad story of loss.  All this time spent mourning a little boy named Jonah.  Mourning the loss of this little boy who I knew would have tried with all his might to keep up with his big brothers.  Enjoying having my three boys.  I feel like […]

That new Car Smell

IT’S FRIDAY!!!  This particular Friday is important because it means we are going on a family vacation tomorrow!  I’m supposed to be cleaning my house and packing and all that stuff.  I love to procrastinate and I saw someone make their own version of an ItWorks tummy wrap and I looked up the ingredients and […]

Now We Know

I promised I would let everyone know once I heard back from pathology regarding the death of my sweet little Jonah.  I finally got the call today and I’m not sure how I feel.  I don’t think any answer would feel right or better than a different answer.  I don’t think one cause of death […]

Embracing The Car Payment

Being a grown up is hard. When Brent and I first got married, I drove a 1980 Volkswagen Rabbit.  I loved that car but it wasn’t very practical.  It had a leak in the back and possibly extremely toxic and hazardous mushrooms grew on the floor in the back seat.  One day Brent and I […]

Welcome Summer

School is finally over and summer break has arrived!!  I am pretty sure that I am more excited about it than my children are.  Welcome Summer!! Isaac made it through his first year at school.  I almost feel sorry for him that Kindergarten is over.  It’s kind of downhill from there.  Next year he will […]

Strange Happenings

There have been stttrrrrannnggeee happenings in my house as of late.  What started of with me getting a bout of OCD when it came to cleanliness (which has now found some balance) has turned into a lot more.  Of course I’ve been exercising and eating well despite the fact that losing one pound takes a […]

Isaac’s Sixth Birthday Party!

I know I am a little late posting this.  Sometimes brain fog can really hamper one’s function, especially when it comes to computering and writing and doing…details. Isaac is now six.  A big whopping six.  It’s really weird that he’s getting so old.  I remember I used to walk into his room when he woke […]

Ubooly Review and Giveaway!

**Contest is now closed** It’s time for another review and giveaway!! This time we have The Ubooly, an Educational Toy. It’s a magical stuffed animal powered by your iphone! The app is free and you can use it with or without a stuffed Ubooly. UBOOLY REVIEW Cost: Toy – $29.95 App – Free (but different […]


It’s been a while – I haven’t been in the greatest of moods lately and I just feel like I don’t know what to say that’s uplifting and fantastic.  The elephant hasn’t lifted off my chest quite yet.  I still get moments where I miss him so much that I feel like I can’t breathe.  […]

Please Excuse My Son

Hey you, ya you.  I see you staring.  I know what you’re thinking and I just have to kindly ask if you’ll please excuse my son. Please excuse my son, he’s hand flapping, he’s really excited about what’s happening.  It’s like when you jump up and down and yell all the things you’re excited about.  […]

Grow Out of Autism?

There’s this thing I’ve been reading about.  Seeing articles shared.  Hearing people say “well I hear now that kids can grow out of autism”. These things are angering me.  ANGERING ME. I don’t know if Silas would have an autism diagnosis if he were reassessed.  I’m going to say he wouldn’t, I think it would […]

Not Giving Up!

I am trying really hard to get my body back into shape.  My weight had crept up the last few years.  I’m not sure exactly what happened here though. About three years ago I decided to eat breakfast every day instead of just drinking coffee.  Because then I hardly ate anything all day.  So since […]

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