Those of you who know me well will be astonished to know that yesterday I was actually considering trying anti-depressants again.  Ya, weird hey?  It was a miserable day. I was having a pity party, a “why me” kinda day.  I know my life isn’t horrible but I feel like I’ve been dealt a lot… Continue reading Blah


Silas climbs onto my lap as I’m sitting on the couch, gives me his sparkly eyed smile and begins to bounce, so hard that it’s beginning to hurt.  I shift so his bony bum begins hitting the couch and not my poor thighs.  His face is so happy so I try to not be annoyed… Continue reading Blessed.

New Books!!

So I got my first book that I ordered.  I went on a slight Amazon spree…who can say no to Amazon though?  You get books for so cheap!!  I ordered Raising Your Spirited Child, The Out Of Sync Child, The Out of Sync Child Has Fun, the workbook to go along with Spirited Child (I… Continue reading New Books!!

50% Off Day!!

Oh my, this day doesn’t come often but when it does, you need to get there early with your boxing gloves on.  Yes folks, 50% off day at Value Village.  A day at the place where 2nd hand stuff is usually WAY too expensive where you can buy 2nd hand items for hardly anything.  A… Continue reading 50% Off Day!!

A Feast

Look at this, blogging on a stat holiday.  That’s dedication folks…that’s dedication. So yesterday was Colin’s (Leanne’s husband) birthday so I decided to go all culinary genius on everyone and blow every ones minds with a fabulous concoction made up by yours truly.  Well I was hoping to do so. The menu?  It was some… Continue reading A Feast

An Ode

My love, when I first saw you, you were on a commercial.  I thought what they had to say about you couldn’t be as true as it sounded but you enticed me.  When I saw you in the aisle in Costco I couldn’t say no, especially after I found you were peanut free. When I… Continue reading An Ode

Hit the Beach

So on Friday my brother Andy, who’s moved out this way, called me up like he usually does asking “do you want a coffee?”. 45 minutes later he usually shows up with Starbucks in hand and ready to party. I’m really enjoying him being out here so close to me and he’s looking for a… Continue reading Hit the Beach