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Thursday Thirteen #12

mysteries of motherhood The little socks always lose their pairs, I swear there’s a sock fairy that come and takes them. Kids will gobble up something one day and then decide it’s disgusting the next day, what’s up with that? Okay, your diaper is leaking poop…but the carpet is brown… I used to have like […]

Thursday Thirteen #10

Thirteen Things about The Informal Matriarch  13 things I’m proud of My musical abilities, especially my singing voice. Teaching myself to sing harmony and then teaching myself to find the 3rd part on the fly.  I had to learn that quickly because of singing at the church I’m at, I figured it out and now […]

Thursday Thirteen #10

Thirteen Things that make me giggle When I’m driving behind someone and they put their blinker on to go around a sharp corner. Watching contestants on The price Is Right. Memories of hanging out with Courtenay in high school. Seeing someone pick a wedgie in public after they’ve looked around to see if no one […]

Thirteen Things I Love About My Husband

Thirteen Things about Me 1. He’s the owner of a pair of amazing blue eyes. I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed looking into any eyes so terribly much as his. 2. He took on the roll of being a father like he had always been one. He loves our boys so much and watching him […]

Thursday Thirteen #3

Thirteen of My Pet Peeves 1. When people don’t get up to freeway speed before the end of the on-ramp 2. When I order my steak medium rare and it’s cooked more than that (this ALWAYS happens) 3. Obese children’s parents 4. Having to listen to a person singing off-key 5. Non parents who think […]