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Stupid Peanut Residue on Stupid Playgrounds

Silas  was out on the playground in our complex the other day.  Juliet noticed a hive on his chin so I let him have a shower to wash off any residue (he often gets hives from things).  After the shower I noticed some red bumps on his neck but thought he still looked OK. Hours […]

Winning Feels Gooooood

Congrats to my sister Jennie and her family!!  She and her husband have had the same foster family in their home for 7(ish) years now.  They’ve really been wanting to adopt the kids but didn’t want to if their birth parents still had access to the kids.  The birth parents upset them quite a bit. […]

A Mother’s Love

I get this feeling every night as I sneak into my children’s room and tuck them in while they sleep.  I feel completely and totally vulnerable.  For some reason seeing my sleeping children remind me of how delicate they are, how easily they could slip from my fingers.  My hear suddenly fills with this feeling […]

Stay Like This

I love your beautiful cheeks, they get so darn rosy. I press them against mine and hold you tightly and rock back and forth. The flood of warmth fills my core and I feel painfully and intoxicatingly in love with you. Gosh it hurts. I love your eyes, how they look so much like mine […]

Shattering Into Pieces

Last night I had the shock of my life.  I cooked supper and threw some peanut sauce on our stir fry without thinking.  I thought about it for a second and then thought it should be ok for Silas to have a little this time.  I’ve been avoiding peanuts because there’s so many allergies in […]

Top 10 Reasons to Become a Mother

I thought I’d come up with 10 reasons to become a mother to help along those ladies who aren’t sure weather or not they’re ready to take the leap and start a family. After reading this I’m sure you’ll want to grab your husband and start making some babies!! These are in no particular order. […]

Fear The Moo??

I’m typing this one handed while rocking my sick little booger-head. He’s needy today and the fire alarm in the building went off and has completely traumatized the lad. Thanks to that, I have the idea of what i’m going to write about today. Oooo two hands, I let go, steady now. Anyway, my son […]