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Sprinkler Fun

Yesterday marked the very first time I watered my very own lawn. Silas joined in on the festivities and we came out with these wonderful photos of him in all his glory.   What I didn’t realize during is that while he was enjoying this water bottle, he was also pooping. Then he touched it. […]

Stupid IUD

So much for stupid IUD’s. No one told me they cost like 300 bucks. Poo on that. I stepped on the scale and realized that I have lost more weight. It even went to this month’s goal weight for 1/2 a second but then back up to 170. I guess I am still losing so […]

Husband to the Rescue

You know what?  Mini-wheats are incredibly filling.  I go through Mini-wheat phases because they really help keep me regular but I do get sick of them.  I’m going through a phase now though, I’m always so amazed by how full they keep me.  I just thought I’d let you all know that. My husband saved […]

16 Months Old

I just realized that Silas is now 16 months old.  Oh to have a birthday every month, I guess we’ve all been through it though.  I can’t believe the changes that happen from month to month.  This past month his vocabulary has really taken off.  He’s learned up, down, shower, water, food, hungry, nose, eyes, […]

A Good Mood Day

Silas has been in SUCH a good mood so far today.  I don’t know what to do with it.  I keep thinking I’m going to jinx it somehow!  There wasn’t any fussing or hanging or whining or smashing of faces on the floor.  It’s been a lovely morning, perhaps it’s because the sun is actually […]

A Fun Game?

My son has this blanket, it’s his “smushy” because he’s always liked to smush his face into fabric when he’s going to sleep, or just for kicks. Anyway, he usually drags his smushy out of his crib sometime during the day to smush and carry it around and whatnot. It’s become slightly dangerous, though, because […]