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My Weekend

Happy belated Mother’s Day all!! I hope that you all had a nice day. My day went fairly well.  I think my favorite part was setting up my new compost bin.  The city I live in puts on an event every year where you take a work shop on composting and then you can buy […]

A Vent and A Challenge

I’m going through this phase in my life where I’m getting really sick of our American culture. It’s so much about consuming. Consuming food, consuming “must have” clothes and products, self medicating through consuming. Buy buy buy and then buy some more because what you first bought isn’t good enough anymore. I especially have trouble […]

Busy Weekend!

I get the weirdest sicknesses happening to me. The dizziness has turned into full body aches and just a general sense of un-wellness. Now my boys are sick. Silas was burning up all night despite giving him both Tylenol and Motrin. Ikey was up a lot and Brent and I are very tired this morning. […]

I Should Be Cleaning and Not Writing So Much!!

Holy cow it’s 3:30 and I haven’t blogged. I was letting Ikey slurp away at my bossoms while talking for hours on the phone with Jill. We hadn’t had a good, long phone call in a while. It was much needed. Ikey sucked for over an hour, but there wasn’t much milk. He hardly ate […]

Don’t Worry, I’m Happy!

Isaac is completely delicious today.  He was in his bouncy chair giggling to himself this morning.  He’s such an easy little muffin.  I just put him on his tummy for tummy time and he’s just laying there all relaxed.  He’s falling asleep.  K he was falling asleep.  He’s stirring now.  I really couldn’t have asked […]

This and That

Ah, wonderful sunshine.  I just sat on my deck for a bit and soaked in some rays while they lasted.  It really helps the mood that’s for sure.  Silas is still out there playing and singing.  Sometimes when he’s out there he shouts “WEEEE” or “EIEIO” very loudly.  I’m sure the people on the street […]

Money’s on My Mind

I know money is the root of all kinds of evil but I think it’s also the root of ALL stress pretty much.  Apparently it’s what most couples fight about but I’m glad that isn’t the case in our house.  Neither of us go out and just spend money so we have nothing to be […]