Garlic Morning Breath

Goodness, another early morning for me. Silas decided against playing in his crib again this morn so he screamed bloody murder until his very sleepy and very pregnant mother came in to rescue him. He did lay nicely in bed with me for a while, despite my terribly garlicy morning breath…I could taste it…yuck. Since… Continue reading Garlic Morning Breath

17 Months Old

I’m feeling much better today. I hate days like yesterday, they really suck. Silas is 17 months old this week. Time has really flown by since he turned One. His vocabulary continues to grow each day but I don’t think it’s grown as much as it did last month. His incredible memory when it comes… Continue reading 17 Months Old

One of Those Days

Today is turning out to be one of those days.  I couldn’t fall asleep last night again because of things on my mind (unusual for me) so I was up trying to tire my eyes out more by playing on the computer.  At about 12am I think I fell asleep only to be woken at… Continue reading One of Those Days

A Little Sample

Here’s just one photo that my girlyfriend took of me. She’s taking all the photos home to play with and make look perfect and….stuff. Anyway, this one doesn’t need much fixing so I thought I’d post it for your viewing pleasure. Don’t look at it if you don’t wanna see me in my knickers.

Busy Today

I’m just about to pick up my girlfriend from the bus stop.  She’s coming to my house to photograph my pregnant body.  I might even get brave enough to do some nudies, not sure though.  I bought a black bra and panties because I mostly want to be in that, plus a few other outfits. … Continue reading Busy Today

Out of Control.

As I write this, my son is in his room screaming his face off. A moment ago he was sitting on my lap and I thought he was happy and then he tried to pinch me, and I said no so he flipped out. I stuck him in his crib. I know we’re supposed to… Continue reading Out of Control.

Nothing to Say

So, I really don’t have anything exciting to write about today.  I always feel like I need to say something though.  Silas just got up and we’re having lunch and then heading off to the pool to meet Auntie Jen Jen and the kids for a swim.  Lets hope no one notices my bikini line. … Continue reading Nothing to Say

The Unimaginable

Something has happened to me, it’s something I never thought I’d do, think, or say.  I’ve really shocked myself this time for sure.  I want a minivan.  We went to Langley specifically to look at Subaru’s and we took an amazing 2007 Forrester out for a test drive and I was instantly in love with… Continue reading The Unimaginable

A Little Negative

I’m tired and grumpy today.  I went to have a nap about an hour ago and it was taking forever to fall asleep.  I was stoked though because Brent was here so I didn’t have to wake up when Silas did, I had a long nice sleep ahead of me.  Just as I was falling… Continue reading A Little Negative

Quite The Tumble

Yesterday Silas had a VERY good time discovering the great outdoors.  He ran back and forth on the deck for hours!! He was very cute to watch.  I think he had forgotten what sunshine is because where we live, we don’t see it that much this time of year.  Mark (step-dad) and I were about… Continue reading Quite The Tumble

Notes From 100 Mile

Well, we made it to our destination but not without a few curve balls.  Silas pretty much freaked out in the vehicle after he woke up from a very short nap.  My mom and I spent a lot of time singing to him and it was “There’s a Hole in the Bottom of the Sea”… Continue reading Notes From 100 Mile

Period Period Period!!!!!

Is saying “period” offensive?  Last night we were dinning in the fine ABC Country Restaurant when I exclaimed in a loud-ish fashion “She hasn’t got her period yet?” referring to my sister in law who’s had a baby over a year ago.  This one lady behind me whipped around and looked at me.  I notice… Continue reading Period Period Period!!!!!

The In-laws Have Arrived

The in-laws arrived yesterday and we were able to spend a few hours with them in their hotel room eating pizza and cake, yum!  I’m very excited to spend the next few weeks with them and have them get to know Silas a bit more.  It’s 8am and I usually don’t write at this time,… Continue reading The In-laws Have Arrived

Fun With Hair

Yesterday* we had our hair day at Jennie’s house. Jules, Jennie, Amanda and Brent all got their hair done. I thought I’d provide some before and after photos for you all to enjoy. For some odd reason Jennie and her daughters Ali and Amanda decided it was pink PJ day also so they look rather… Continue reading Fun With Hair