Just a Regular Update

I’m sooooo tired.  Brent and I went to a wedding last night and once we got home, we talked in bed for a super long time about his work.  The wedding was nice.  It was nice to get away with my hubby and enjoy free food.  The food was really good too!  The wedding was… Continue reading Just a Regular Update


I’ve started organizing our storage room in attempts to be able to put more stuff in it. Man I love a good purge. One thing I am definitely not, is a pack rat. I love getting rid of stuff. What troubles me about my apartment is that there isn’t much storage room and Silas’ closet… Continue reading Organize!

Dealing With A Toddler’s Tantrums

I’m a tough love kind of person. I’m very tender and very loving towards people but I’m also a bit tough about certain things, I get it from my mom. When it comes to Silas’ tantrums, my first instinct is to say “too bad” and walk away. My mother-in-law pointed out to me that my… Continue reading Dealing With A Toddler’s Tantrums

Taking Matters Into my Own Hands

Sometimes you just have to take matters into your own hands. My husband has this problem, his fingers cannot feel a hard mass in muscle tissue therefore he can’t really help me work out my knots in my back. I’m sure there’s a name for this condition of his. Anyway, my back REALLY hurts from… Continue reading Taking Matters Into my Own Hands

27 Weeks and Counting

I don’t know weather to hate or love my chiropractor after today’s visit. I had to wait an hour, but they let me have the visit for free (yay). The whole thing REALLY hurt but I know I’ll feel better from it. It’s a love/hate thing. I’m very glad i didn’t have to pay for… Continue reading 27 Weeks and Counting

I’ve Been Tagged

So um, in the blog world there’s this fun game of tag where someone tags you and you have to answer all these questions.  I’ve been wishing and hoping and praying I’d get tagged, I feel special now!  I was tagged by reformattingmybrain.  Are your parents married or divorced? Divorced Are you a vegetarian? No… Continue reading I’ve Been Tagged

I Love Peeing My Pants?

We had the strangest weather yesterday.  When I woke up, we were having freezing rain.  I watched as that stopped and then a while later it started to rain and then it started to pour and then suddenly everything was white with hail, then it stopped.  The sun shone for a while, it got cloudy,… Continue reading I Love Peeing My Pants?

Hug a Chiropractor

I love my chiropractor!  Not in a romantical way of course, just in a “you fixed my body and I love you” way.  It’s taken two visits and I’m almost completely fixed of my sciatic and back problems.  I still have some hip pain but that’s just my arthritis dealing with my joints being loose… Continue reading Hug a Chiropractor

General Unwellness

Ugh, whatever my husband had last week has now graced my presence. I woke up this morning with a lovely sore throat and just an overall sense of unwellness. I hadn’t been feeling normal all weekend and now I guess I know why. GRRRR. For someone who never gets out in public often I do… Continue reading General Unwellness

A Lovely Morning

What a lovely Saturday this is turning out to be! Brent decided to stay home today because he hasn’t been feeling well, he just needed a day off. Silas woke up really chatty and happy at like 6:40 this morning so I let him talk to himself in there for a while and then went… Continue reading A Lovely Morning

The Conclusion of the Odor

After finishing yesterday’s post I bravely ventured to my closet, opened the door and looked in. The stench really hit me and I was frightened. I thought I would just do a quick surface scan of the closet to see if I could spot what the horrible odor was coming from. I saw shoes and… Continue reading The Conclusion of the Odor


OK, I usually don’t write two blogs in one day but I need to share this moment with someone, no one else is around. I just felt the first touch of baby toes (or some other bit) on my ribs. I haven’t looked forward to this certain type of contact because it’s TERRIBLY annoying and… Continue reading OH NO!!