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Sleeping Babies

I often find myself in my kid’s rooms every night, staring at their faces, trying to kiss them and smell them as much as possible without waking them up. There’s nothing as adorable as a sleeping child so I try to somehow embed their image in my mind so I can remember it later. The […]


As I write this, Silas is playing the cutest game. He has his “Tebby” bear and is going through his own night time routine. He gives it a little cuddle, a kiss and a hug and says “WHUUUHHH” like he’s being squished. Then he places Tebby gently in my bed and closes the door verrrry […]

No Longer a One-Trick Pony

Well, it’s happening. Ikey is gracefully sliding into a….well…a person. He’s no longer just some leech that wiggles and sucks me dry. He’s actually doing quite a lot. Much to my obvious dismay. He’s mastered our stair case and will b-line his way to it at any open opportunity. He’s does the whole thing with […]

A Mother’s Love

I get this feeling every night as I sneak into my children’s room and tuck them in while they sleep.  I feel completely and totally vulnerable.  For some reason seeing my sleeping children remind me of how delicate they are, how easily they could slip from my fingers.  My hear suddenly fills with this feeling […]

My Fat, Fat Isaac

I’m a little late on writing the blog today.  Isaac had a good, long nurse and fell asleep.  I didn’t want to put him down after.  It’s so nice to kiss a baby’s lips when they’re sleeping.  Their breath smells so sweet and their lips and all soft and squishy.  I swear my kids both […]

Dearest Isaac

Oh my Ikey darling, how your frustrate me so.  With your “special” whine and your aversion to my bosoms.  You cry whenever I leave your sight and you insist on sleeping with me at night, you wouldn’t have it any other way.  Oh Isaac, you’ve been constantly drooling and pooping these past few weeks.  Your […]

Thirteen Things I Love About My Husband

Thirteen Things about Me 1. He’s the owner of a pair of amazing blue eyes. I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed looking into any eyes so terribly much as his. 2. He took on the roll of being a father like he had always been one. He loves our boys so much and watching him […]

Little Ball of Sunshine.

I swear my son is a little ball of sunshine and he’ll forever light up a room when he walks in.  I know I complain a lot about his short temper but when he’s not tantruming he really is this little ball of sunshine and he’s constantly making me smile…or pine for his delicious lips […]

1 Week and 4 Days Left

Well, the baby is still inside of me.  I was hoping he’d come out yesterday but I guess he’s content to stay put for a while longer.  He’s welcome to come out now, I’m feeling very warm feelings towards him and Brent’s feeling ready for him to be out too.  Yesterday I tried some traditional […]

What I Love About You

My darling Silas, I’ve known you for almost 16 months and I must say, you’ve impacted my life in a way no one else has. You turned my world upside-down and I wouldn’t have it any other way. You’ve shown me that I’m not as selfish as I thought I was and that I can […]

Mushy and Gushy and Squishy and Lovey

I’m in such a honeymoon phase right now with my son. I’m all mushy and gushy and squishy and lovey about him lately. I guess by that you can conclude that he’s sleeping OK lately! I’m just constantly surprised that I can love someone SO much and that selfish little Leah isn’t so selfish anymore. […]