Beauty or Beast?

Sometimes being pregnant feels so inhuman.  When I’m spawning something inside of me, being the carrier of new life, it almost feels like I’m more animal than human.  At least it’s not my instinct to eat the placenta.  I told the nurse she could take Silas’ home and make soup out of it but she… Continue reading Beauty or Beast?

General Unwellness

Ugh, whatever my husband had last week has now graced my presence. I woke up this morning with a lovely sore throat and just an overall sense of unwellness. I hadn’t been feeling normal all weekend and now I guess I know why. GRRRR. For someone who never gets out in public often I do… Continue reading General Unwellness

A Lovely Morning

What a lovely Saturday this is turning out to be! Brent decided to stay home today because he hasn’t been feeling well, he just needed a day off. Silas woke up really chatty and happy at like 6:40 this morning so I let him talk to himself in there for a while and then went… Continue reading A Lovely Morning

Money’s on My Mind

I know money is the root of all kinds of evil but I think it’s also the root of ALL stress pretty much.  Apparently it’s what most couples fight about but I’m glad that isn’t the case in our house.  Neither of us go out and just spend money so we have nothing to be… Continue reading Money’s on My Mind

The Conclusion of the Odor

After finishing yesterday’s post I bravely ventured to my closet, opened the door and looked in. The stench really hit me and I was frightened. I thought I would just do a quick surface scan of the closet to see if I could spot what the horrible odor was coming from. I saw shoes and… Continue reading The Conclusion of the Odor

A Good Mood Day

Silas has been in SUCH a good mood so far today.  I don’t know what to do with it.  I keep thinking I’m going to jinx it somehow!  There wasn’t any fussing or hanging or whining or smashing of faces on the floor.  It’s been a lovely morning, perhaps it’s because the sun is actually… Continue reading A Good Mood Day


OK, I usually don’t write two blogs in one day but I need to share this moment with someone, no one else is around. I just felt the first touch of baby toes (or some other bit) on my ribs. I haven’t looked forward to this certain type of contact because it’s TERRIBLY annoying and… Continue reading OH NO!!

Pay Me Back in Kisses!

When in Manitoba we attended a wedding where Brent was one of the groomsmen.  I realized I have a much better appreciation for the speeches done by the parents during the reception.  The groom’s mom got me rather teary although she did talk about “I’ll Love You Forever” by Robert Munsch.  A book that I’ve… Continue reading Pay Me Back in Kisses!

On Vacation, leave me alone!

We’re off to Manitoba today so I don’t know if I will write much while we are gone.  I’ll come back weighing 500 pounds because we eat so well at Brent’s families house.  It’ll be wonderful.  Anyway, siging off, I have to go pack.  Last minute as usual!