Here’s to Consistency.

After a million “no”‘s, a thousand time outs, loads of tears and a lot of frustration; Silas seems to have stopped hitting.  He does a teeny tiny bit but nothing major.  The one major thing I’ve learned thus far is that no matter what, you need to be consistent.  I’ve won a couple battles that… Continue reading Here’s to Consistency.

Shelving is an Adventure

Yesterday I set out to Home Depot and got all the stuff for putting up wire shelving in our storage room.  One I got there I felt like I was living a Home Depot commercial.  “You can do it, we can help” kept running through my mind.  I kept telling them how much I suck… Continue reading Shelving is an Adventure

My Kids Hate Me

Well, another day here in our new home and I’m loving it here!!  It’s so much cooler living near the ground!!  We need new blinds pronto though.  There’s nothing on our sliding glass doors and it freaks me out when I’m nursing at night.  I’m too scared to turn the TV on because then someone… Continue reading My Kids Hate Me

Little Ball of Sunshine.

I swear my son is a little ball of sunshine and he’ll forever light up a room when he walks in.  I know I complain a lot about his short temper but when he’s not tantruming he really is this little ball of sunshine and he’s constantly making me smile…or pine for his delicious lips… Continue reading Little Ball of Sunshine.

Oh Well

I think I’m softening. I’ve definitely inherited my mother’s “oh well” personality. I still call her after bad dreams and I hear an “oh well, it was just a dream”. Usually when Silas is freaking out about something stupid I’m usually the same way, “oh well”. I’ve never felt bad for letting him cry at… Continue reading Oh Well

Hitting and Biting and Scratching OH MY!

So my darling little Silas has turned into a violent little booger and I’m actually starting to get upset. He does this little hit and claw move where he hits you and then digs his nails in and pulls back, sometimes you get a pinch too. If you hold onto his hands then he will… Continue reading Hitting and Biting and Scratching OH MY!

This and That

Ah, wonderful sunshine.  I just sat on my deck for a bit and soaked in some rays while they lasted.  It really helps the mood that’s for sure.  Silas is still out there playing and singing.  Sometimes when he’s out there he shouts “WEEEE” or “EIEIO” very loudly.  I’m sure the people on the street… Continue reading This and That

Dealing With A Toddler’s Tantrums

I’m a tough love kind of person. I’m very tender and very loving towards people but I’m also a bit tough about certain things, I get it from my mom. When it comes to Silas’ tantrums, my first instinct is to say “too bad” and walk away. My mother-in-law pointed out to me that my… Continue reading Dealing With A Toddler’s Tantrums

Taking Matters Into my Own Hands

Sometimes you just have to take matters into your own hands. My husband has this problem, his fingers cannot feel a hard mass in muscle tissue therefore he can’t really help me work out my knots in my back. I’m sure there’s a name for this condition of his. Anyway, my back REALLY hurts from… Continue reading Taking Matters Into my Own Hands

WD40 Rocks My World

I’m not in a big computer mood today, even though I still find myself sitting here.  I don’t think I’ll write much.   Silas is down for his nappy-poo.  He just spent a good 5 minutes rolling around on the floor kicking and screaming for reasons only he and God knows.  He’s been really happy otherwise. … Continue reading WD40 Rocks My World

The Conclusion of the Odor

After finishing yesterday’s post I bravely ventured to my closet, opened the door and looked in. The stench really hit me and I was frightened. I thought I would just do a quick surface scan of the closet to see if I could spot what the horrible odor was coming from. I saw shoes and… Continue reading The Conclusion of the Odor

Pay Me Back in Kisses!

When in Manitoba we attended a wedding where Brent was one of the groomsmen.  I realized I have a much better appreciation for the speeches done by the parents during the reception.  The groom’s mom got me rather teary although she did talk about “I’ll Love You Forever” by Robert Munsch.  A book that I’ve… Continue reading Pay Me Back in Kisses!